Friday, October 28, 2005

Yung Dicks

From the 10/27/2005 Tulsa World Birth Section:

I guess it's a good thing that her name is Yung and not other unmentionable adjectives.

Speaking of poppin' out babies, my mother was 24 years, 10 months when she became pregnant with me. That's how old I was as of Thursday. I am officially going to be older than my mother was when I have a kid. I'm completely alright with that. Rachel isn't ready to spawn quite yet.

In other young dicks news, my brothers got to go on the field at the high school football game and play two songs. Joshua plays flute. Geoff was on the quad drums (I have no idea if that's really what they're called. I'm sure Doug and Geoff will educate me on that after they read this) this time. At first, Geoff and Josh started out on the 1st row, easy to see. Then, dearest Doug told Geoff to go to the back. Apparently that's where the other drums & percussion people are. I spent a majority of the two songs trying to find Geoffrey hidden from view behind a huge tuba. I finally was able to see a shoulder at the end. Stop doing your job, Doug.


Anonymous said...

How often do you go to this page to read the names of babies?

Rachel said...

Uh...these are the names of the PARENTS who had babies, not the names of the babies themselves.

This is just the birth section of a local newspaper, not place I go to find funny names. I read news sources, including this newspaper, daily. If there happens to a funny name on there, I post.