Saturday, October 29, 2005

Doggie Showers

Miranda = 6/10. See, I don't think I could still love someone if I knew they did bad/immoral things. Rather, I could love them, but that doesn't mean I would be with them.

Stuck On You = 4.5/10. It had its moments, but overall pretty dumb.

Oh.My. Read this. Specifically, read the second sentence. I will admit that I get lazy 25% of the time I de-stink Shelby and take her in with my while I shower. It's a matter of practicality, really. It doesn't hurt my back bending over at an odd angle; I can just hold her up to the showerhead to rinse. Plus, my dog is about 8 pounds and not a 80. It never occured to me that showering with my dog was a bit frowned upon. I feel mighty redneck.


Anonymous said...

You can also save money by washing the dishes in the shower. It is a lot cheaper than using the dishwasher.

ET said...

I think my dishwasher may actually be bigger than my shower. I mean, I have a HUGE bathroom, and a fabulous corner jacuuzi tub that you can swim in, but the shower is totally small. So small that when I turn it on the water hits the back before it hits me. Now, I don't need a huge shower, but I DO need one of those "rainfall" shower faucets now so the water will fall DOWN rather than across.

On another note, can New Zealand have rednecks?

Rachel said...

LT actually BOUGHT bit about you wanting a rainfall showerhead so it doesn't "rain down rather than across"? PLEASE! :)

In my book, any nation can have rednecks.