Monday, November 07, 2005


The Skulls = 4/10. That was a pretty hot near-sex scene. Very cliche, but sexy no less. But the duel at the end? I laughed. The only reason I watched this was because my best friend from high school, Maggie, went to Yale and told me to watch it. Or mentioned it? It's been 5 years, so I don't really remember. This was one of the very first movies I put on my to-see movie list. Feels good to finally have it off the list, which is down to 140 movies. 77 of those movies are available on DVD. I feel like I have made very little progress since joining Netflix even though I have rented 45 movies through them since I joined July 10th.

After the Sunset = 6.5/10. It had its moments, but this just felt like a very cheap Ocean's Eleven mixed with random Salma Hayek bikni action. If she's in a bikini for like half of the movie, is it really random bikini action?

This morning while driving to work I saw a blue Porsche Boxster with an Oklahoma license plate reading ITZBITZ. True, the Boxter is a small car, but certainly not "itsy bitsy." Perhaps the man was not referring to the size of his vehicle.

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ET said...

I am sure the guy in the Porsche meant it to say "Ritz Bitz" but just forgot the R. Uh huh. That's his story.