Wednesday, November 09, 2005

MANDIRE solved!

Surviving Christmas = 4/10. For $250,000, I could put up with a lot more than Ben Affleck dished out to this family.

It's been nearly 1.5 years in the making, but I finally have my answer. Remember back in June how I asked what in the word MANDIRE meant on a license plate? Tonight as I walked to the apartment gym, I saw Ms. Mandire and asked her what it meant.

"Oh, that's short for my name. Mandie Rae. MANDI RE"

And here I thought she just needed a good man.


Amanda Z said...

I totally thought of that way back when. But then again, My name is Mandie... so I saw my name in it.

I see we're back to word verification?

galdire said...

too bad you don't have the option to create an exempt from word verification list so certain logged in individuals don't have to do it.. because it's such a hassle.


Rachel said...

Yes, we're back to word verification because if I don't have it turned on I get about 20 fake comments a day. What's the name for those? Splog? Blam? eh...