Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Most Rude Thing This Week (1)

Road Trip = 6/10. The plot is a lot like Overnight Delivery without Tom Green. The immature humor didn't bug me, but it will in a few years. I need to soak up the teen movies while I can, I suppose.

  • I've known Joey since I was about 15 or so.
  • Joey grew up around Tulsa, went to college in Philadelphia, then med school at OU in OKC.
  • Joey now lives in Buffalo, NY, completing his residency (or whatever) in urology.
  • A movie I watched last week, Manna From Heaven, was filmed in Buffalo.
  • Joey is cute...and a typical male jerk.
Without further ado, "listen" in on the meanest thing someone said to me this week. Red stuff is either my thoughts or corrections/clarifications:

Wednesday, November 23 on AIM

(18:24:52) jpadal01: hello
(18:25:38) Me: howdy
(18:27:29) Me: you in tulsa? [as opposed to Buffalo--it's the holidays, I dunno]
(18:27:37) jpadal01: no, I work
(18:28:00) Me: 365 days a year?
(18:28:19) jpadal01: pretty much, on 26 hours tomorrow
(18:32:03) jpadal01: so i spend thanksgiving alone in a hospital
(18:32:09) Me: aw...sorry
(18:32:27) Me: Need a movie recommendation? Only because it was [filmed] in Buffalo
(18:32:32) Me: Manna from Heaven
(18:32:53) jpadal01: not sure we have the same taste
(18:32:57) jpadal01: any nudity?
(18:33:13) Me: what do you mean same tastes? the name is deceiving
(18:33:23) Me: no, this one's actually PG
(18:33:31) jpadal01: no good for me then, I need boobs
(18:33:52) jpadal01: even if its just teenie ones like yours
(18:34:02) Me: you're such an asshat
(18:34:06) jpadal01: its a joke
(18:34:09) jpadal01: laugh
(18:34:36) Me: I'm not amused
(18:34:49) jpadal01: it amused me, and I need amusing... no harm intended
(18:40:48) jpadal01 logged out.


ET said...

Don't worry yourself over anything said by someone who claims to be working "26 hours tomorrow." Clearly asshat needs to revisit the math class. Last time I checked there were only 24 hours in a day.

Rachel said...

Unfortunately, asshat is a doctor doing whatever doctor hell they do straight out of med school. So, it's entirely possible he really was working 26 hours on.

However, I won't be letting Dr. Joe work on my woo-ha (he's training to be a urologist) if he doesn't know how many hours there are in a day. :)