Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New, quiet neighbors

This morning as I locked my door, I looked to my right to find a man doing the same thing at the apartment next to me. There is no door mat. The only indication of someone living next to me (the apartment has been vacant since October 2004, except for a month long stint with rude 19-year-olds) has been a bag of trash that was left outside the door. I thought perhaps this was from the maintenance crew repairing damages. I did what any loud, talkative, outgoing neighbor would do:

Me: I haven't seen you around. How long have you lived there?
New Neighbor: Oh, for about two weeks.
Me: [with door now locked, I begin walking in his direction toward the stairs] Oh, well you're quiet.
NN: Yeah, well I've been gone for most of the time. But my WIIIIFE [he said it super slow] has been here.
Me: Oh. Well, if I'm ever too loud or anything, just knock on my door. The last thing I want to be is one of "those" neighbors.
NN: Ok. Have a good day at work or wherever.

I get in my car and think "he seemed like a nice person who won't bug the heck outta me. Wait...why would he say wife so slow like that? Hmm...hmm...OH MY GOD. Does he think I was hitting on him? Why else would he say is with such emphasis?"

Does the fact that I randomly talk to people, regardless of gender, make me seem like I'm hitting on guys? I mean, do most chicks talk to zero random guys they see? Am I just super outgoing?


ET said...

Rachel, are you hitting on me?

Oh, and I had to add word verification to my blog so the stupid CANDLE-having website people would stop commenting. And I deleted all their comments.

Giselle said...

I think it's good you're friendly. I've lived here over a year and so has the cowboy next door and I may have said 'Hi' to him once. But that could be because I'm from Florida and we don't typically talk to our neighbors. :) Speaking of which, have you talked to the cowboy next door to me? Is he nice? Live alone? I'm kinda curious.