Monday, November 21, 2005

The Runestone Adventure

Annie Hall = 8.5/10. See, classic Woody Allen. This movie knocked out a lot on my to-see lists. #31 on AFI 100 movies, #4 on AFI 100 laughs, #11 on AFI 100 Passions, and it won Oscar Best picture in 1977. It's weird to see movies that were made before I was born. It was also weird to see Christopher Walken when he was that young.

My dad is crazy.

Yesterday afternoon I got a phone call from my dad. He said, "Rachel, I know I didn't give you much time, but me and the boys [my brothers] are about 4 minutes away and we're going explorin'."

Me: Kay. Where?

Dad: You know that big rock just west of Inola [on the north side of Hwy 412]? I've been curious what that is for about 22 years and I think it might be the Tulsa runestone.

After checking with Doug (who was at my apartment...on the mattress in the living room, no less. Maybe I was relaxing on it, too.), the five of us loaded up in "Buck" (Buick LeSabre named so because the B-U-I-C-K letters on the front grill are missing the letter i) and off we went.

Site of the craziness:

If you are curious as to what this lies atop this hill, wonder no more. It's a big ass rock standing straight up with green wire near the top. That's it. There were no discernable markings (well, there was a V near the top) akin to what one might find at the Heavener Runestone. There's also many petrified cow turd piles and a large pile of smaller rocks north of the large upright rock. I'm going to have to do more research on what this funky rock. I also must find out where the real Tulsa runestone (if this isn't it) is before my dad calls to go somewhere where we cuold end up in trouble. If anyone wants to save me the research and tell me what the heck the rock is, I'd be ever so grateful.

On our way to the fence, we did manage to see a pile of bones. I made my brother take a picture, just for a certain someone who reads this and complains of the lack of pictures:

Doug was thinking it was dog. Sounds good to me.


BKDotCom said...

I can't find much info, but the Tulsa runestone overlooks the Arkansas river. I think it's just carved on a cliff or outcropping

Amanda Z said...

I used to live in Inola. But I'm pretty sure I never saw that. Your dad sounds more fun than crazy. "Time to go EXPLORIN'!"

Anonymous said...

The Tulsa Runsestone is north of Tulsa. North from downtown on Cincinatti, go up hill and curve around. There will be what looks like a new gravel road. If gate is open go through if not park across the street. Then walk up gravel road keep goijng for a little while and there will be e path on right ( you kinda have to look for it. Follow it through the tress and it is on the other side of this ledge of rocks written on the side.