Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bunny Bombshell

I just came back from taking Shelby peepeepoopoo. The setup out there in front of the building is like this:

grey = breezeway and sidewalk
brown = apartment building
green = grass

We were standing nearly in the middle of the building when I thought I caught a glimpse of an animal running through the right breezeway. No biggie as it is not uncommon to see all sorts of animals with the marsh thingy in the back. Opossom, beaver, geese, ducks, snakes. Heck, I've even heard coyotes once. Shelby decided it was better to sniff ALL of the grass instead of peepeepoopoo so I'm just standing there. All of the sudden, something comes running from the left breezeway toward my dog. A beaver? A duck? No, it was a rather obese-looking bunny. Obese bunny not only ran into Shelby (from Shelby's rear, no less), but also managed to trip a leg on the leash. Obese bunny kept running. It was being chased by a silver/white cat. The odd part is that my dog didn't even look up from whatever she was sniffing.

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