Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh, look! A bird!

Melinda and Melinda = 8/10. Controversial statement: I enjoy Woody Allen films. I finally decided this after this movie. I've only seen his newer films, though. I'm workin' on seeing older ones. This movie was funny in the typical Woody Allen way.

Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) = 7/10. Good wholesome family entertainment. I wanted to see this updated version simply because it was filmed in Oklahoma and I can remember newscasts when they were filming it here. I remember my daddy reading the book to me in 2nd grade. It was the first book I can remember sneaking a peek at how it ended. If you haven't read this book to your child, they're missing out on a classic.

Michael Moore's The Awful Truth: Season 1, Disc 1 (Episodes 1-6) = 8/10. While I don't agree with some of the things the man does, this series is quite amusing for the most part. I mean, come on...the Voice-Box Choir on episode 2 is one of the funniest things I've seen in a few years. He takes people who have lost their voice boxes due to smoking or second-hand smoke and they sing at the headquarters of key players in the tobacco industry. Sad, but very funny.

Diarios de motocicleta (The Motorcycle Diaries) = 7/10. Maybe I would have enjoyed this movie if I understood the history of South America during the 50s or knew the story behind these two people. It just didn't strike a meaningful chord with me.

Background facts:

  • There is a marsh-like water-filled ravine thingy behind my apartment.
  • Every winter, mallards and Canadian Geese like to make the marsh their home.
  • When the Canadian Geese fly back to the marsh for the evening/morning, they honk loudly and touch-down with a loud splash in the marsh.
  • Shelby barks like a psycho dog if anyone knocks on the front door. It's very difficult to make her stop.
  • When making fun of people with A.D.D. and how they are easily distracted, I will often use the phrase "oh look, a bird!" For example, "Yeah, then Bob and I went shop...oh, look a bird." As in, the person talking was suddenly distracted and completely changed subjects.
  • I did not make up the phrsae "oh look a bird."
Thursday after work, I'm on the phone with the mentee. I'm expecting a welcomed guest at my apartment. Said welcomed guest knows that, if I don't answer, he/she should just walk in the apartment. Knock, knock. Shelby starts barking like a mad dog and I can no longer hear the conversation with the mentee. Finally, after about 45 seconds I get up and open the door. No one comes in. I poke my head outside to see where he/she is. Welcomed guest comes in a few moments later. After I got off of the phone with the mentee:

Me: You know if I don't answer you're just supposed to walk in, right?

Guest: Yeah, I know. But...I saw a bird!

Me: Wha?

Guest: I knocked on your door, and then heard the goose [honking]. So, I moved [over to the side of your breezeway] so I could see it. It made a big splash sound when it landed in the water.

Me: what you're saying is that you knocked on my door and literally had an ADD "Oh, look! A bird" moment?

Guest: Yeah. I didn't know you were on the phone.

He/she SO has ADD.


Anonymous said...

I would probably go to the see the Canadian Geese also, it is something I don't see every winter, and I don't consider myself ADD.

ET said...

I just picked up boychild and there were about 200 Canadian Geese at a park close was awesome. Then they started walking single file, which is also nifty to watch.

Also, I read Where the Red Fern Grows in sixth grade. Actually, we were reading it as a class but I had to get a copy and finish it early. I was on the school bus when I got to the end and remember crying all the way home. One of those traumatic childhood books. Boychild read it a few years ago. I never saw the movie because I hate to see a good book ruined. Although Dave Matthews was a draw. The movie Because of Winn Dixie sucked, but he was cute in that.

Rachel said...

There are two versions of Where the Red Fern Grows: 2003 and 1974. The 2003 version is way more kid-friendly. I can remember seeing gore in the 1974 version when the boy falls on the ax. At least I think. It's been a LONG time since I've seen the 1974 version.

The book Because of Winn-Dixie was better than the movie, but not just wonderful.