Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Redneck is vogue?

Happy Endings = 7.5/10. This is one of those interconnected lives movies. What was reinforced to me in this movie was the fact that a person should not sleep with Guy A and then sleep with Guy A's father. But if you do, make sure you don't get knocked up.

I have officially eaten curry now. My neighbor Giselle and I went to Lanna Thai where I had this and this stuff. I think I could like curry if I gave it another shot. It's just so foreign-tasting to me. At any rate, even though Giselle has lived by me for over a year, I don't know her very well. She is from Florida. Somehow in the middle of our conversation, I mentioned that a point of interest on a map of Oklahoma would include the sod house. She had no clue what a sod house was and I'm not sure she believed me when I told her that the one in Oklahoma is built INSIDE of another building. Which basically means that at some point some person thought "I know, let's build a house for this house." After I told her what a sod house was, she was really interested in going to see it. Thus, the road trip is on. To the sod house. In middle-of-nowhere Oklahoma. Are there any other redneck (or otherwise) sights Giselle needs to see within a 200 mile radius? Besides Branson.


Mags said...

wow. i remember the first time i tried thai food. thai taste on chapel street. it was unbelievable to most of my friends (and to me now) that i had never tried curry before. and it's funny to me that the dish i ordered and that restaurant are perhaps still my favorite thai that i have ever had anywhere in the entire country.

Amanda Z said...

There's always the Round Barn in Arcadia.

I don't like curry. I tried it twice, to be mature about it and not just go "BLEH" but I just DON'T like it. At least from Thai Cafe in Stillwater, which everyone insisted was soooo good. They lied.

Justin Shattuck said...

Alright, skipping the introduction, lets see if I can personally recall any wonderful "redneck" type places that your friend Giselle, or to be politically correct, neighbor, Giselle would wish to visit.

Luckily, for all of us modernized 'folk' here in Tulsa, we've finally been able to remove most of the crappy hick type scenerio from the city itself, however, Sand Springs, Depew, Bristow and Drumright have some interested hick type spots available..

Name is Justin, 22, also a fellow Tulsanite who is just stranded in his office working late, surfing blogger and realized there are a few Tulsanites out there as well -- Pleasure to find your acquintance..

If you get bored, you can visit my site, but its not actually here on blogger any more -

Good Evening!

Giselle said...

I think the sod house sounds cool - how many of my friends/family in Florida will be able to say they've been to a sod house? I'm guessing none. :)

Curry's good. Yum.