Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I just can't have nice things

Good Bye Lenin! = 9/10. This is has an amazing plot and I learned a lot about a time when I was but a wee girl. I barely remember the Berlin wall coming down.

The Skeleton Key = 6.5/10. I love Kate Hudson almost as much as Reese Witherspoon, but the actor/actress alone doesn't make a movie. There wasn't as many scare scenes as I thought there would be. I was really surprised at how it ended. Probably because I don't watch too many movies in this genre so it's all new to me.

My Boss's Daughter = 2/10. Just stupid. If you do decide to rent this, make sure you watch the Tara Reid audition in the special features menu.

I have what is close to the world's crappiest loveseat. It serves my needs perfectly fine. Left to my own devices, I probably only sit on it for three hours during a week. I don't watch television and I watch only about 50% of movies on my tv in front of the loveseat. If anyone else comes to to my apartment (e.g., Doug, family, friends), the place becomes cramped. The loveseat doesn't seat two people comfortably.

Doug had an epiphany this past Saturday while sitting on the loveseat before watching Singin' in the Rain.

"Hey Rachel, you know what you need? One of those air mattresses...or wait! Hey, let's pull your mattress in [the living room]."

He can't be serious. He was.

Thus, against my better judgement I allowed Doug to pull my mattress into my living room in front of the tv. It really is much more comfy than my loveseat, but there are a few reasons why this was a bad idea:

1. The mattress was purchased new in July.
2. Shelby can now potentially do her business on the mattress.
3. Rachel is clumsy.
4. But only around things that matter (e.g., I don't have accidents wearing my workout clothes, only my more pricey ones)
5. Monday Rachel had a Dr. Pepper bottle in the living room.
6. Guess what she did with that Dr. Pepper bottle on accident.
7. On my 600 thread count sheets.
8. That are light beige in color.

Thankfully, the soda didn't get on the actual mattress. Warranty is void if the mattress has any kind of stain on it. I'm making Doug drag it back to the bedroom on Thursday.


Amanda Z said...

So have you been like... sleeping in the living room?

Rachel said...

Yup. Sleeping in my living room. This hasn't presented any problems except for the fact that I have to be careful not to fall when I wake up in the middle of the night to tinkle. It also freaks me out a little bit knowing that IF someone was going to harm me, I would have like 10 seconds less to wake up and hide/scream. The way it is currently, I would be dead before I realized it. Maybe that's a good thing.

Mags said...

i mean, MAYBE this is because i bought my mattress off the internet. and MAYBE it's because mine came with some peculiar stains that haven't really affected the performance. and MAYBE it's because i spilled red wine all over my mattress within 6 months of buying it. but, while i completely understand not wanting to spill dr. pepper on your mattress, what would happen if you voided the warranty? like what could you POSSIBLY need a mattress warranty for? as long as my mattress continues to not be the floor, i'm not seeing why i would return it. is it going to snap in half? is it going to suddenly become uncomfortable? what do i need a warranty for? because i don't have one! if my mattress gets f-ed up, i'm just buying another one off the internet!

Mags said...

oh, and if you're sleeping in the living room anyway and don't mind it, you don't need an air mattress. you need a studio apartment.

Rachel said...

Having a studio apartment would mean that I might have to make my bed. I'm actually not sure I've ever seen a studio apartment in Tulsa, though I've never looked.

It's not that I need a mattress warranty. It's just the fact that...wait. It's nothing. I DON'T need one. You're right.

ET said...

I don't understand why a stain or spot would void your mattress warranty anyway, unless it is some thing that lets you decide you don't like it and want to return it for a refund. That is just weird. I spill stuff around the bed all the time (usually on my beige carpet and a stack of magazines). But I agree with Maggie, who needs a mattress warranty?

600 thread count? YOU? Who won't spring for a TSV because you don't want to spend the money...I don't even have 600tc sheets!

Consider a crate for Shelby. My dogs love theirs, and it would keep her out of the beans in the trash and any other trouble when you are away.

And yes, there are studio apartments in Tulsa.

Rachel said...

I have a crate for Shelby. I'm not going to crate her all day, though. It just feels very wrong.

I was told when I bought my mattress that any kind of stain voided the warranty. I don't need no stikin' warranty, it's just the fact that I might not have one now.

This time last year I was taking off my fitted sheet and instead of going to each corner and taking it off, I did the "yank on it until it comes out" thing. The result: a fitted sheet with a 4 foot rip. Oops. I had always wanted comfy sheets and my 600 tc splurge really wasn't. They were originally $150 at JC Penney. I had a $25 gift card from my aunt Becky, a $10 off if you spend more than $50 coupon, and they were a certain percentage off because it was right after Christmas. My $150 sheets ended up costing me $26 out of pocket. What a deal!

ET said...

That is a hell of a deal! I bought some quite expensive sheets because I like strange colors (no navy or whatever for me...I got them in a dark taupe color called mink, I believe). Anyway, the top sheet caught on something and ripped as you describe when I tugged on it (not knowing it was caught, and not very hard anyway). So I took them back and got a new one. Brand new expensive sheets should not just rip apart. Right now I have cozy flannel sheets from L.L. Bean. I don't usually do flannel, but when boychild's sheets came in and I saw how fuzzy and soft they are, I had to get some for us, too.