Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Candle Warmer

Pretty Persuasion (2005) = 7.5/10. Neighbor friend Giselle laughed a lot, but she didn't officially rate it. Come to think of it, she just said it was "different." Not a good sign. It reminded me a lot of Cruel Intentions. This movie is very funny, but you have to look very closely to get some of the jokes. For instance, the father got interrupted by his daughter during phone sex. When he got back on the phone to the phone sex operater he said, "Yeah, I've still got teak." Giselle didn't laugh. She said, "What's teak?" I said, "It's a hard wood. No really--like mahogany. It's a tree with very hard wood." She laughed.

You know I'm busy when I start talking about my weekend nearly a week after the weekend. Friday Doug got to meet my mentee and her two siblings whom we brought along for the Tulsa Ballet Theater production of The Nutcracker. It's just not the same as the three times I was in it. Le sigh.

Two weeks ago (this comes into play later in the post), I was at Giselle's apartment and noticed she had a candle warmer. I'd never seen one of these things in action. Being that I already love candles, I was instantly intrigued. She was poking the half-melted candle with a pencil kept in a glass dish currently holding her candle-poking utensils. At that time, I thought, "I want one of those, but I'd never actually buy one because I'll forget about it."

Saturday I had a Sunday school/Bible-study dinner. I feel very odd attending this sort of thing with these particular people for a couple of reasons:

A) Although it's the single women's class, I am the only one without (a) child(ren). Thus, I cannot relate with the divorce/custody/parental issues mentioned on a weekly basis.

B) Aside from a two-month period in high school and a longer time when I was a baby, my family did not attend church. As a result, I'm much more open-minded about all things, but have absolutely no Bible knowledge. This has embarrassed me on a few occasions when I have read aloud and stumbled across multiple words which I have never seen. Thankfully, none of the other members have corrected me.

C) Everyone is at least 5 years older than me, but they average about 12 years older than me. Even though no one says anything, I feel like a kid.

D) I've only been attending Bible study for the last 2-3 months. Thus, I'm not as comfortable with these women as I feel I could be.

So, at the party, the hostess made these cute little things:

Apparently, I'm the only one who's never seen these made. Chocolate-covered cherry dipped in chocolate. Hershey kiss mushed on. Almond slivers for ears. Not sure about the eyes, but dabs of white icing would probably suffice.

We did an ornament exchange. Later on, we all got a gift from a prior member of the group. I've never met the woman and she was not present at the party. The gift could only fall under the category of "umm...what in the world am I supposed to do with this." See it here. Neither Maggie, Giselle, nor myself really understood it. Naturally, I gave this to Giselle, who is fascinated by the religous people here (she from DR & Florida).

The next morning at church, another lady gave us all a gift. I opened it up and what was there? A CANDLE WARMER!!! It's like proof of God or something.

After Doug left Sunday evening, I ripped open that sucker and turned it on. I decided that since I'm very clumsy and the candle warmer is related to something that uses fire, I should probably read the instructions. It is here I found this:

And to think--I was so totally going to use this thing to warm hot dogs?

I guess my week hasn't been creative enough or something because I seriously can't think of any other use for a candle warmer.

For what other function might someone try to use a candle warmer?


Mags said...

it's still pretty unclear to me what a candle warmer could possibly be.

Rachel said...

A candle warmer is a lot like a tiny hot plate, only instead of having rings like the hot plate, it's just a flat surface. You turn it on and stick a candle on top and it warms the candle up, frangrancing the room. Mine looks like this.

It apparently is good when there is a tiny amount of candle left and no wick, but I'm using mine with big huge candles. I think you would love a candle warmer, Mags!

Giselle said...

Candle warmers rule. Especially because there's no fire, so it's safer to play with the wax!

Perhaps one could use the candle warmer as a mug warmer? Keep your coffee/tea warm at work all day!

Thinking about the movie some more, I did like it. I just needed to reflect a little (and wake up, surely you noticed I fell asleep a couple of times?). I'd give it a 6.75. :)

Rachel said...

A coffee warmer--what a great idea for a non-use.

I actually didn't notice you fell asleep a few times because I was into the movie, you didn't snore, and I was looking for hidden jokes.