Friday, December 16, 2005

Diaper Cake Finale

Remember the diaper cake I started making a few months back? Well, A's shower is today and I finished the cake last night. My final result:

The yellow things are washclothes and the blue blurbs on the left and right are baby caps. On the opposite side is a Sassy Monkey See Monkey Chew rattle. All of these things (except the bottle on top) are from A's registry.

I will never ever ever make one of these things again! I'm lying. I guess if someone asked me or if I really cared about the person I would make another one. Here's why this project sucked:

1) Because I lack creative abilities and precision, the diapers are a bit crooked. I just don't care at this point,

2) It took forever to construct. Probably 5 hours total. This probably has to do with my not-so-crafty abilities, though,

3) Each diaper had to be folded carefully and tied together with a rubberband,

4) The diaper layers had to be held up carefully while putting on the ginormous rubberbands around the layers to hold all of the diapers within the layer together,

5) There is a paper towel roll in the center of this thing, but for the top I cut it off to fit bottle, like the instructions said. So, the top layer just wobbles there. I thought about hot gluing it on, but didn't want to ruin the diapers,

6) If you get a light-colored ribbon or a ribbon that is too skinny, the rubberbands are visible. he puple ribbon Doug picked out didn't work so I had to make a trip to Walmart to get better ribbon,

7) The ribbon is held onto the cake with straight pins because my tape wouldn't stick,

8) Since straight pins don't go through diapers very well, I ended up having to literally hammer each pin into the cake,

9) My thumb is red from thinking I could push the pin in with my thumb each time,

"A" had jolly well appreciate this gift. She knows I'm very much not into crafty things, but I thought I would be bold this time. She would do the same thing for me, though. And that's what makes it all worth while.

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Giselle said...

That's a beautiful cake. :D I would've helped you do the ribbon had I not had cat issues.