Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Party screw-ups and the inflated snowman

Can you tell I've been busy? I haven't watched a movie since Saturday. That's 4 whole days without movie. I am dying.

I am so proud of myself. As the official company party game planner, I only made one screw-up while standing in front of my co-workers. Keep in mind that there are 38 employees and I only see 4 of the 38 people on a regular basis. Meaning--I don't know these people well. My screw-up: we played a game that involved everyone writing down answers to rapid-fire trivia questions. One of the questions was worded something like "What city did 'Marsha' move from when she started working here in 2000?" (It might be helpful to know that "Marsha" is the daughter of "Sue," the VP of the company.) When I was going over the answers to the questions I said, "Ok. Number 4. Where did Marsha come from?" Pretty much one person at each table said something along the lines of "well, Marsha's mommy and daddy loved each other very much..." or "Umm, from Sue." Not too bad of a screw-up for someone who constantly stumbles over her words, but it was a little embarrassing.

And the guesshowmanyM&M'sareinthejar game from yesterday's post...someone guessed exactly the correct number of M&Ms. Last year, she guessed within 10 and won. Conspiracy?

Tuesday night was the winter band concert. Boyfriend conducting 6th and 8th grade, brothers playing in 7th and 8th. The crappy thing about Doug conducting is that a majority of the of the pictures I took of him are of his ass. Send me an email and I will distribute accordingly. (Just kidding, Doug.)

Since my whole family was there, I decided it was the perfect family photo opportunity. Dad's taking the picture (click for better detail):

*We're exact clones of each other, aren't we?
*The grey tarp stuff on the gym floor tripped me about 10 times.
*That snowman scares me.


Amanda Z said...

You and your brothers are exact clones, yes. Luckily, they don't pluck their eyebrows, so you've got that on them.

Giselle said...

That's a cute picture! Although the snowman is a bit weird..