Tuesday, December 06, 2005


What did you do at your job today?

While I don't have an official job title aside from office peon/go-fer, many of my duties include things that could be classified under the heading "accounting" or "bookkeeping." A slang term for accountant (I'm going to put myself in this category for the moment) is "bean counter."

One of my official peon duties that was flung my way a few ago is that of "office party game planner." How I ended up with this duty is beyond me. Apparently management thinks I have all sorts of creative skills. Hah! More likely, management thinks I'll do the only stressful duty I encounter all year long at my workplace with no complaining. They are correct. I certainly won't be complaining about one week of semi-stressful stuff out of the whole year.

Bean counter Rachel was exactly that today. One of the games we're playing at the company party is a variation of "count how many jelly beans are in the jar."

Bean counter meets office party planner:

I also stuffed Christmas sacks full of tissue paper. Did you do anything that fun at your job today?


Amanda Z said...

Those aren't jelly beans. I think
you're in trouble.


bkdotcom said...

My guess: 2^7 (128)
OK, I actually think it's a bit less than that, but might as go with the 'ol power of 2.

Rachel said...

You could go with the 'ol power of 2. Or you could read the title of the post. :)

Amanda Z said...