Sunday, December 04, 2005

a good man nourishes your body and soul

I've got two reviews for your Monday morning. None too good. Sorry to disappoint the start of your week.

Doug and I ate at 5 & Diner per my request on Sunday. Absolutely positively nothing special. Plus, a girl that we graduated from high school with, Ashley Leach, works there. She either didn't recognize us or ignored us like we basically did her. Doug doesn't really like running into people he knows in public and I don't particularly enjoy giving my post-high school life story while eating. Although my Blue Moon Burger was good, it wasn't worth the price paid. Their soft drinks were $1.89, much too much to pay for one. I wouldn't have got a soda had I read the menu first.

It was Sephora time on Friday. This means I have a whole set of new products about which to rant and rave. First up, philosophy: the gingerbread man bubble bath and shower gel. I just used this one tonight in the bath.

This was a free sample from Sephora, so it's not like I can complain too much. But...

Without reading the description, what do you think this stuff might smell like? The name of the product is "the gingerbread man." Don't think too hard. If you guessed gingerbread or gingerbread cookies, you are dead WRONG! Take a closer look at the description:

Ginger ale?!?!?! Seriously? You know what I associate the smell of ginger ale with? VOMIT! You know why? Because that's what my mommy had me drink as a child when I got barfy feeling. (Actually, it was probably Sprite, but work with me here.) Ok, so I wasn't going to completely lose my head over the fact that I was about to take a bubble bath in something that reminded me of being ill. So, I fill up my tub with water, pour a little of this stuff in, soak. It's really bubbly. That's good. Then, I use the stuff as shower gel. Once again, very bubbly and mighty scentful. Usually that's good. But, I smell like ginger ale. I can only imagine if I bought this stuff on a regular basis people might think I was ill all of the time. Plus, it's odd to smell like anything carbinated.

Here's the oddity: things to drink generally don't appeal to me as shower gels while things to eat do. Some examples:

Root beer = gross, Cinnamon buns = gimme more!

PiƱa Colada = ick, Creme Brulee = man, that sounds good to bathe in!

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Giselle said...

I think your bubble bath sounds yummy. But then again I always drank Coke when I was sick.