Saturday, December 03, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me?

Jersey Girl = 7/10. I remember hearing a lot of bad press for this movie when it was released to theaters. I have no idea why. How can you not like seeing Ben Affleck hold a baby? And George Carlin? Make sure to watch the "Roadside Attactions" on the special features. I've been to Gatorland Zoo featured on one of the episodes of Roadside Attractions.

Since I'm going to be on vacation on my birthday (the 27th), my co-workers had a surprise birthday party for me yesterday at work. As planned, I was completely surprised. We ate yummy Krispy Kreme lardnuts for breakfast and Pei Wei for lunch. Their Dan Dan Noodles are really good.

That evening, Giselle (my neighbor) went to Shish-Ka-Bobs on 31st east of Garnett. One of the things I like about Giselle is that, although she's only lived in Tulsa for a little over a year, she knows the restaurants around here. And she's willing to eat pretty much anywhere, explore. We had falafel for appetizer. They looked a lot like Sonic Ched'R'Peppers and tasted a little like hush puppies. My main entree, Gyro Platter, was yummy. Giselle had some kind of chicken kabob...only with no stick. They were lined up on the plate. For dessert, we chose the Persian Ice Cream (I think that's what it was called). It had saffron, pistachios, and rose water in it. As such, it tasted a lot like a rose. It was weird at first, but I got used to the idea and ended up liking it a lot. Giselle put down her spoon after a few bites. That was ok; more for me! I tried taking a picture of the yellow ice cream, but I don't know how to use my camera (maybe I should actually read the instructions--naw!):

When the waitress brought out the ice cream, all I could think was "Wait, my daddy told me not to eat yellow snow. This is different, right?"


Giselle said...

Glad I found someone to try different places with me! I looked around and I'm thinking next we should try a place called "The Talking Drum." It's African and Caribbean food, apparently. Sounds random so we should totally try it. Have you been there already? :)

Amanda Z said...

I've hard of the Talking Drum, it's very near where I work. 71st and Lewis near where the comedy club was. I think they have a buffet at some point, so I'd recommend going then. You know, try lots of stuff for one price.
Another good place for greek is Submariner at 61st and Lewis. They have good gyros and also enormous baked potatoes with whatever you want on top.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestions! Although Giselle and I are very iffy on buffets. I'm iffy on trying international foods on a buffet. In my mind I imagine all fo the food has been fingered by a 5 year old. Probably has something to do with the fact that I worked in a school. At any rate, I'd never heard of the Submariner. We'll have to try it some time.