Monday, December 19, 2005

X x 3

Christmas comes three times this year for me:
  • Tuesday Doug is coming over, I'm making him dinner (in all likelihood this will actually result in him making dinner with me), and we're opening our presents we got for each other.
  • Wednesday I spend with my family opening gifts.
  • Thursday, I'll be with Doug's family. My assumption is that we'll be eating dinner and opening gifts, but I haven't been informed.
When I was on the phone with Doug tonight, he said that he had "put a lot of thought" into one of the two gifts he's giving me. One for birthday, one for Christmas. Crap! Of the three things I got him, one is somewhat of a joke and the other two I only put like 65% effort into. Let's all hope I don't end up in tears by the end of the week.

Speaking of tears, the ex from yesterday that sent me the card I misinterpreted read my post, sent an apology email, and still felt awful. He sent me yellow roses at work. Over a misinterpreted card.

Hmmm...I wonder. If I "accidentally on purpose" make him break my arm, you think he would buy me a house or something?


Anonymous said...

It is often hard to find a good gift for men, no matter how well you know him. Gift cards, pens, wallets are an easy way out, but have no real feelings attached to them. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

A house for a broken arm? uhmm, not a bad deal.

Rachel said...

How did you know I got him a gift card, wallet, AND pen????

Just kidding. I put way more thought into than that, but from the way he described the thought HE put into it, I think I'll still be screwed. Oh well.