Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Chinese Dreamcatcher

Noel (2004) = 7/10. It felt weird watching a movie that takes place on Christmas Eve/day a month after Christmas. Noel is cheesy, completely unrealistic, and sappy. Thus, I naturally really liked it. Especially the way *spoiler alert* Nina told Mike she was pregnant. "I just came to give you your gift." "What is it?" "It's right here" [puts his hand on her tummy]. Yeah, I dig cheese like that.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) = 5.5/10. Stupid, but still funny.

Saturday evening, Doug and I went to Great Wall Restaurant for the first time. I really liked the food, but Doug said it tasted like fast food Chinese. I'm ok with that, but it's been many years since I've eaten Chinese fast food (unless the mom and pop place in Glenpool counts?). I didn't like the atmosphere which consisted of tiny rooms that weren't very well decorated. The tables (no booths at all) were really close together. As a result, I heard adjacent conversations in detail. Also, we sat next to the room where a man cooked the Mongolian BBQ concoctions. Above him in the cook room is a ginormous ventilator thingy that made a very loud whirring sound when he turned it on. It drowned out anything Doug wanted to tell me. There was only one waitress for about 10 tables. She did a pretty good job of keeping my Dr. Pepper full and giving us what we needed. Since this restaurant is close to my work, I will probably go there again because I did like the food. And at $6.95 (or close to that price), my portion size will last me 3 meals.

I told you that to tell you this--

Hanging on the main door inside the restaurant is a dreamcatcher. We found this quite ironic and amusing. Even though I have a poor sense of determining what race/ethnicity a person belongs, everyone looked quite Asian in this place.

Also, if you happen to make it to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond soon, try out their massaging chairs. The one Doug and I tried had an option to virbrate just your tushy. But if you leaned slightly forward...

Very clever way to disguise a "personal massager." Either that or I'm the only person in the world that's never experienced sore muscle pain in my butt that required vibration to make it go away.

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Amanda Z said...

I like Great Wall's Hot and Sour Soup. I've had the mongolian barbecue and I didn't think it had much spice to it, after adding more than their little chart on the wall says.