Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pink is the New Shock

My Summer of Love (2005) = 4/10. This is a lesbian coming-of-age movie. I had to watch it in three sessions that started on Monday. That's how much it interested me. It starts off great and ends on a "what was that" note. But that Paddy Considine....yum. I'm not really sure why though as he does not conform to my usual list of things that make a guy attractive to me. Also, I've met a lot of Christians that act like his role in the movie. Especially in Oklahoma. Beat the girl, then pray for her/about it. Classy.

I own a pair of linen-looking trousers that are 100% polyester. They cling to my legs, regardless of how much I spray them with Static Guard or how many dryer sheets I rub on them. The cling is most noticable when I take off my pants in the evening or when I go to the bathroom. Because the trousers are a light cream color, I am "forced" to wear white or nude colored panties. Many fashion faux pas are pulled from my hat, but "peek-a-boo panties through the clothes" isn't one of them. Today's selection was 91% nylon and 9% spandex. This particular panty/trouser combination is quite painful. In the event you were unaware, your goodies can be shocked. As my dad says "zing! What a feeling." In this case, not a good one. Especially when you have to tinkle.


giselle said...

I can honestly say I've never been shocked there!

Amanda Z said...

Yeah... me neither.