Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Gimme yo $5

Aside from finding a random $5 on the curb of my apartment* Monday and accidentally "snotting" all over myself Sunday at Walmart in Doug's presence, nothing odd has happened in my world lately. It's almost like I'm having a normal person week.

My movie watching has slowed down considerably since the beginning of the year. Not because I want to stoip watching movies. Oh no! I'm just spending more time devoting myself to other activities like normal people--working out, Doug, Giselle, sleep, umm...more sleep. And because I have received a bundle of free movies from brick & mortar Blockbuster stores to be used throughout the next 6 months, I am going to lower my Netflix subscription to the one-at-a-time plan at the beginning of my next billing cycle.

I'm supposed to see a movie with the mentee tomorrow. The situations I get in with the mentee lend themselves to blogging. Perhaps I will have something exciting to share tomorrow evening. Hopefully not another embarrassing moment, though.

*No, Giselle, it's not your money. I found it right after I came home from work.


giselle said...

Give me back my money!!!

Sorry to partly distract you away from movies. I just have way too much to say and there's just not enough time for me and a movie! :)

Kidding. Kinda. But really, it's more Doug than me so I will not feel guilty!

Rachel said...

PuhLEASE! I would be a very sad person if I chose a movie over a person. Unless I didn't like the person or maybe if the movie featured hunky men in their undies the whole way through. hah!