Friday, July 08, 2005

The 2 Block Walk of Shame

Talk to Her = 8.75/10. It starts off slow, but by the end I was in complete shock. I had to knock it down .25 points because of the really graphic story depicted by black-and-white silent movie within the bigger movie. If you've seen it, you should tell me if you're suffering long-term effects from it because I think that in a few years I'll still be nearly on the edge of barfing. It was that disturbing!

I went to River Parks last night with the mentee to see Shrek 2. I thought it was going to be on the floating amphitheater, but it ended up being on the lawn behind the amphitheater. I totally saw Camille Anderson-Nelson there with her husband and one or two kids. Rather, there were two kids there and I know the 9 month old is hers (remember seeing it in the paper), but not sure about the 2ish year old. Camille was a year behind me at myhigh school. She didn't see me. Check out the screen they put it on:

That's one way to use Jupiter Jump material. I'd just never seen such a thing. This little place is situated about two blocks away from any parking. Before the movie, this man stood up at the front and said he had a couple of announcements. I like those. Welcome blah blah sponsor blah blah and there's a car with its lights on. It's a black Honda Civic. BLAH! Since we were sitting at the front of the crowd, I had to grab my keys and walk THROUGH the crowd of people across the 2 blocks worth of grass to remedy this problem. See this is why I have 16 ft. jumper cables in my trunk. When I got back, my mentee said...
"So, now I have four things to do when I'm in your car?"
"Yeah, Rachel: 1 is put the seat back as far as it will go, 2 is buckle up, 3 is have fun, and now 4 can be asking if your lights are off."

Things are pretty bad when an 11 year old has to help me get my memory act together.


Anonymous said...

The new Civic Honda has an audible alarm when you remove the keys from the ignition and the lights are on... check with your dealer

"Talk to her" is a very shocking non-violent twisted story. I hope that it is only fiction.

ET said...

Okay Rachel...I am not sure about the Civic, but try a little test. I have an Accord EX and when I leave my lights on (even on purpose to get out in the dark to see what I am doing) they turn off automatically within two minutes. I would think that the Civic had something similar IF the audible alarm (previous response) did not sound.