Monday, January 02, 2006

Harden Vegas Vacation, Day 5

Taxi (2004) = 4/10. Pretty much sucked, but Giselle is H-O-T in it.

Day 5 (December 28th) was an early start. We loaded up Hoopty and headed to Death Valley National Park.

Wow, we all look like the same person in that picture, especially when it's big. Anyway, my family (myself included) has a thing for government-supported attractions (i.e., anything that is operated by the National Park Service). December is the perfect time to visit Death Valley because it doesn't live up to its name with regards to temperature. We expected DVNP to consist of vast expanses of sandy flat areas and some sand dunes. Instead, it has beautiful mountains surrounding the low areas, borax, and lots of desert vegetation. We went to Scotty's Castle where Geoffrey and me walked up a big-ass rise to see Scotty's grave. Aside from the exercise on the way up, SOOO not worth it. We didn't take a tour of the castle because it was expensive and we didn't have enough time. We also didn't visit the actual site of the lowest elevation in North America despite being 17 miles away from it. Yeah, I'm a little bitter because I have no plans to ever return to this national park. Oh well.

Upon returning to Vegas, the family ate at the Fast Food Nation acclaimed In-N-Out Burger. This became a source of Day 6 being extremely terrible for me, Geoffrey, and mom. I'll explain that one Day 6.

After some yummy In-N-Out Burgers, the bros and I got dropped off at the Fashion Show Mall so Geoffrey could get a case with a screen protector for his new iPod. Which, by the way, I have found no useful purpose for in my life. I don't need an iPod. And because I'm super nerdy, I decided to take some fun pictures outside the mall. Believe me, we took more than three to get these of us in the air:

I think Geoff bears and uncanny resemblance to Qbert in this picture. Or maybe some other ghost in a video game I played as a child.

Josh sure does know how to work it.

A quater century old and I'm still doing cartwheels. Thankfully, this look was achieved in two takes. My quater century old body hurt the next day from using muscles in a different way.

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