Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Harden Vegas Vacation, Day 6

Domestic Disturbance (2001) = 6.5/10. Pretty standard thriller. Vince Vaughn looks a lot slimmer in this.

You know that misguided saying "the family that prays together, stays together?" I have a similar saying now: "the family that eats together, gets food poisoning together."

Our last day in Vegas was completely miserable for Geoffrey, Mom, and me. We all three had (I believe) food poisoning. The likely culprit was In-N-Out Burger. Why only three of us got sick when all five of us ate there is a mystery to me. Maybe Joshua and Dad have tummies of steel? More likely is perhaps Bob in the backroom didn't wash his hands after taking a dump. Ewww... Whatever made us sick also forced the three of us stay in bed the entire day. I literally slept or snoozed the entire day and through the next night. Such a fine way to spend the last day of vacation.

Here are a few leftover pictures for you.

I thought this was a nice piece of near redneck arts thingy at Maria's in Santa Fe:

New Mexican food often has green chiles in it. At Maria's, I had chili rellenos.

They might not look appetizing, but that stuff on top is green chiles. They are wonderful things.

If you go to a restaurant in Oklahoma (and possibly many other states) and order chili, you end up with a dish that looks similar to Hormel Chili. When you go to Church Street Cafe in Albuerquerque, NM, and order a cup of Chile, you get a bowl of booger green goodness. So yummy, even though I was sick and didn't feel like eating.

The problem I have had with sopapillas is the shape. You see, I want to eat them one bite at a time. Like...pour honey, bite, pour honey, bite. None of this put it on the plate and smother it like a pancake business. It gets soggy that way. Rectangular and square sopapillas are a little difficult for me to maintain my pour/bite routine without accidentally covering my boobs or lap in honey. (Wait...haven't I seen that in a movie before?) But I can have it my way at Church Street Cafe with their TRIANGLE sopapillas:

I honestly want to go back to New Mexico just for the food. Long live the green chile.

I do ok with the panoramic picture abilities on my camera. This is at Scotty's Castle in DVNP:

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giselle said...

Egh I hate Mexican food. Glad you enjoyed it though.