Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goin' to Hell (1)

Elizabethtown = 4/10. It wasn't as awful as Giselle let on, but it certainly wasn't great. Except the boner joke during the memorial service and the road trip at the end. She tried WAY too hard to get him.

Sometimes I blurt things out without thinking that are so rude. The collection of snide remarks are certainly going to send me straight to hell. Oh well.

I was on the phone this afternoon to a woman in her upper 40s. I'm supposed to have a semi-professional relationship with this woman. Let's call her Lori. Within the last 3 months, Lori had a minor heart attack. I have no idea what makes a minor heart attack and what makes a major one, but they all sound awful to me. This is one of the reasons why I exercise so fervently.

There are some people in the world that just don't understand when to be quiet. I feel obligated to ask "how you doin'?" when I talk to someone on the phone. It's almost a reflex. Except...when I ask Lori, she tells me all of the horrible things that have happened to her recently. Her life is always full of drama. Generally what she tells me is more drama than I could handle in two years time. Instinctively, I asked her how it was going this afternoon. The major crisis of the moment is that Lori had another minor heart attack two weeks ago. Then it went...

Lori: Girl, I'm tellin' ya. When I went to see that heart doctor, he told me that if I didn't get up off my butt and do some walking, I might be dead in a few years.

Me: Yikes!

Lori: But shiii.....I dunno. Who has time for that anymore?

I paused for a moment. Here is a woman who knows how much I enjoy cardio. I understand many people do not like it. I get it. But did she really have to say it in such a way that was intended to make me feel like a weirdo for liking something that's actually good for me? What came out next was a result of saying how I truly feel and jabbing back at her. I didn't intended it to be this bad, though.

Me: Who has time for working out? Well...you do.

Lori was silent for a few seconds and handed me the phone to the party with whom I wished to speak. She didn't say bye or anything.

I felt like an complete ass. It should be Lori's choice as to whether or not she wants her health to be her motivation to move. In the very least, I should provide support and encouragement.

Yup. Goin' straight to hell I am.


BKDotCom said...

meh. tough love.
Lori's a moron.

giselle said...

Hrm. Well regarding Elizabethtown - I don't remember the boner thing, but it was probably funny. I was asleep by the road trip part and woke up at the end of it (yes, I was at the theatre). So I guess I missed the only good part.

That lady deserved that comment and it wasn't even bad. However, I don't think her comment to you had anything to do with you or anything you like to do. I'm guessing she didn't even think about the fact that you enjoy working out. Selfish? Maybe. Lazy? Definitely.

giselle said...

Oh! And you gave the movie a 4 - how can you say it wasn't awful??

Rachel said...

5 is average for me. Using that gage, 1-3 would be AWFUL. 4 is just below average.

Amanda Z said...

I can't stand it when people have a bunch of medical problems because they just sit around all the time and aren't active, and they complain when the doctor says they need to exercise like he's asking them to save the world or something. That's just laziness, plain and simple.

She most likely DOES have time (I know people who DO NOTHING, no job, no children, who are just too LAZY to exercise) and my guess is she needs people to point that out to her even if she does just get offended. She needs to stop blaming everything except her own self.

I personally wouldn't have said it just because I'm a weiner when it comes to saying difficult things to people, but you can bet your ass I'd have been thinking it.

It also bothers me when people say "who has the time" particularly now that I go to the gym all the time because I feel like they're belittling me by implying I must not have as many responsibilities if I manage to get to the gym 5 nights a week.

Rachel said...

I'm a weiner, too, but sometimes my mouth gets the best of me.

And that's exactly one of the things I mean, but couldn't quite find the words for. You see, I DO have responsibilities. Some of them (mainly apartment cleaning) just don't get done because I'm spending a lot of time doing Push and cardio. And when I'm done doing that I turn into lazy and would rather watch a movie instead of doing dishes.

I'd rather be healthy and have a dirty living space than having minor heart attacks and having an immaculate house. But that's just me.

giselle said...

I think that's a good choice, Rachel.

My apt's already a mess (as you know well) so I think I may have to give up some tv time instead of cleaning time. :)

I think you can make time if you want to. Right now I feel like I don't have time to breathe, but if I really truly wanted to, I'm sure I could find 45 mins a day to exercise.

Rachel said...

Your case is a little different, Giselle. Given a choice between sleep and exercise, I think sleep might be more important.