Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rampage handbag update

I'm officially a satisfied customer now. Remember my crap handbag last week? I was expecting Rampage would not refund my shipping. I would have been completely satisfied had they refunded me $48. But they did refund all of it. I'm happy.

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To:"Rachel Harden"
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2006 20:48:26 GMT
Subject: Your Order has returns!
Dear Rachel,
We have received return products for your order #137414 that
was placed on 9/28/2005 at 11:20AM.

Here is what was returned:
Sheepish Tote (Size One Size / Brown), Qty 1, was returned
for $48.00ea because 'Damaged/Defective'.

The details of the return(s) are:
# Items Returned: 1
Item Refund: $48.00
Shipping Refund: $5.95
Total Refund: $53.95

Please accept this coupon code good for 10% off of your
next order with us:

Thanks for shopping with the all-new!


ET said...

Given the photos you posted earlier, they should refund purchase, shipping, give you the discount, and perhaps offer you some type of gratuitous sex for the condition of that bag. I will have nightmares about that handle! I have never SEEN anything like that. Even when my mom's former dog ate my beloved Jansport $20 "purse" bag (yes...I bought cheap bags once, too) it didn't look like that. Come to think of it, I may still have that bag in my attic.

If you decide to be REALLY adventurous bag-wise, I am wanting to sell my gold Scout...but it's pricey! OH...and my new mahogany Scout is in the People "Style Watch" Spring edition that hit stores today...Mischa Barton or someone was carrying it. I will have to scan a pic.

Rachel said...

I definitely missed out on the gratuitous sex. Oh well. And the thing of the bag is that I honestly think it was defective. I'm pretty sure Shelby didn't eat it (or if she did, she left no teeth marks and discriminated against the other handle), I didn't do anything stupid with it, etc. The 10% off coupon they offered made me feel nicer at first until I realized that 10% is a TINY amount!

ET said...

Yeah, 20% plus free shipping would have been better. Esp. in lieu of the gratuitous sex. You KNOW...if you go to Coach and they don't have an item you want in the store, THEY will ship it to you for free...

BKDotCom said...

Huh. What?
I heard something about gratuitous sex.

giselle said...

What in the world is a Scout? I searched google and all I can find are girl scout bags. Surely that's not what she means???

BKDotCom said...

search for "gold scout bag"
I'm guessing she's referring to some $700 bag made by "Hogan"

Rachel said...

Indeed she is speaking of a Hogan bag.