Sunday, March 05, 2006

Babies, Butts, Basketball, and Fish

Walk the Line (2005) = 8/10. I hate it when multiple people tell me a movie is "the best I've ever seen in my life." My expectations are then really high and I'm generally let down. This happened with The 40 Year-Old Virgin, too.

The Thing About My Folks (2005) = 7.5/10. Unexpectedly hilarious.

King's Ransom (2005) = 2/10. Just don't. I feel really bad for making Doug sit through this. And Jay Mohr probably won't ever look as cute to me because he played a nasty guy in this movie. At one point, Jay actually looked almost identical to Mustard Man except with catsup.

My friend A had her baby five weeks ago. During her pregnancy, A and I walked around LaFortune Park a few times a week. It was a great way to talk and get in a tiny workout, too. By tiny, I mean that I never feel like I get my heart rate up, but at least I'm moving. Pre-pregnancy, A had a great bod. Perfect clothing size, perky, big boobs (but not too big), blonde hair, blue eyes, perfect posture, tiny feet, tiny waist. Gorgeous. I generally feel really fat around her because, although I am by any means not a huge person, I'm not a perfect size 6 and certainly not the perfect C.

We went for a walk on Wednesday. Before the walk, I thought "wouldn't it be neat if just this once I was smaller than A?" After all, who really expects to look perfect 5 weeks after having a baby and major surgery? Forget about Heidi Klum when she showed up on the runway 58 days after having Henry. And A even gained a few more pounds than the recommended amount for a pregnancy. But alas, she still looks perfect and is smaller than me. Some women really were just born with it.

In my effort to eat slightly healthier, I made myself grilled asparagus, rice pilaf, and fresh salmon last Tuesday. Here's my beautiful creation on, of course, my broken plate:

What I discovered with this food experiement is that I am definitely not mature enough to peel the scales off of the salmon, smell the raw salmon, and then eat it the next day after marinating it. It tasted good, but the scales and fish smell messed with me mentally so much I could barely eat any of it. I also made the decision that I don't really like the texture of asparagas. The taste is fine. And I was all looking forward to finally being able to experience the "asparagus pee" smell. Not that I like to go around sniffing my own urine, but I even have a clue what that might mean. I still don't understand. But alas, everything smelled normal after eating. Oh well.

Since the NBA game a month ago didn't do it for me, I had low expectations for the Tulsa 66ers game I saw with the mentor/mentee group outting Saturday. If I had to guess, attendance was probably a mere 200-250. And it looked like 1/3 of that were groups. The whole time I was there I just wanted to read my book (still The Devil Wears Prada) or play Sudoku.

Speaking of Sudoku, my co-worker Cindy apparently told everyone at the central office (as opposed to corporate where I work) that I rock at solving the puzzles. Thus, I had two people call me Friday for tips on how to solve them. I feel smart. I especially felt like an ass when one of the girls asking for help told me that she had been trying for a few months and had just finally solved her first Sudoku the prior week. Then I told Cindy that R had solved them after doing them for forever and she said "well, I haven't solved one, either." Cindy is a very intelligent woman. Oops. I'm not good at many things, but anything related to numbers I do fairly well.


Amanda Z said...

I don't like salmon OR asparagus, but your meal sure looks yummy. If the fishy smell and scales bother you, I'd highly recommend talapia. It's cheap and you can get frozen filets at Wal-Mart. I cook them on an indoor grill and they're not bad at all.

Sodoku is just all logic. I am one of those people that can't understand how other people can't figure it out, because it's just logical to me. (This would be the one characteristic that truly kept me from becoming a teacher.)

giselle said...

I love salmon and asparagus. Rachel - try not cooking your asparagus so much. You can have it steamed and it'll be crunchy, not mushy. :) And probably don't marinate it so it doesn't get soggy from that either. I still don't really understand why your salmon smelled so bad. Go to Albertson's next time, they have portions without scales or skin, so the handling is minimal.

I agree with Amanda on the logic thing. I really have no patience and would probably get really annoyed at kids that didn't understand simple math. So I can't be a teacher.

Rachel said...

I only marinated it for 30 minutes, what the recipe said. I hate crunchy veggies. Blech!

The salmon thing is the same thing like when I was a kid. My mother would occasionally have me de-skin chicken and then we'd eat it an hour later. That grossed me out, too.

I'll try salmon again sometime. And tilapia.

ET said...

Dinner looks good. How do you like "The Devil Wears Prada?" I scored in the 96th percentile on logic/reasoning, and have math through college calculus, and I don't understand Sodoku. Then again, I don't really care either.