Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Out the udder end

Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005) = 5.5/10. My mentee chose to see this one tonight. I learned a lot about horses and racing. It was completely sappy throughout and even the people in the theater clapped at the climax of the movie. I saw two women crying during another part. I didn't clap. Or cry. Becky, I think Jenn would really like this one. It does say damn twice, but still managed to get a PG rating.

This past Saturday my mentoring group went to Party Paradise. It's an odd place for sure. It used to be a fitness center/gym, but now the racquetball rooms are setup for volleyball, basketball, and scooters (which were way more fun in elementary school PE. I was way disappointed in the scooters). Other rooms have ginormous inflatables, foozeball, air hockey. But it still looks and smells much like a sweaty gym.

I narrowly escaped having to interview with Fox 23 about the mentoring program. Good thing because I chose to wear an ugly sweater and zero makeup. After the interviews, it occured to me that the camera was sitting directly in front of the wall of "fat mirrors" (I think those are a required thing at a gym) so I might have been seen on the news picking my nose. I chose not to watch.

There's the backdrop for the latest installment of funny things kids say. "I" is 6 years old. She always tries very hard to be a polite little girl, but generally falls short of her goal. My mentee, two adult women, and I were sitting at the table eating pizza. "I" stood over at the wall and burped 5 times quite loudly. Each time she burped, she said excuse me. Someone needs to teach her that burping 5 times in a row, even if you excuse yourself, isn't particularly excused. But she IS 6. After her final belch, she said "oohh...I'm a gonna go to the bafroom and do that out the udder end."

I lost it. My mentee lost it.


giselle said...

That is so funny and cute. Little kids crack me up.

Amanda Z said...

I SAW that on the news while we were in the gym. I said "Aaron, Rachel does that!"
Meant to ask you about it!

Also, you were not in the segment, mirrors or no, from what I saw.

Rachel said...

Whew! My mentee was probably on the news, though. She was standing right beside the director/coordinator person as they did the interview.

Anonymous said...

Thank God that was not my child...