Saturday, February 04, 2006

Shattered in my sleep

The Aristocrats (2005) = 7/10. Some versions were funny, some were not. My favorite is the one with the cards.

This afternoon I was in the kitchen making myself some French toast. When I opened up my cabinet door to grab a glass for milk, this is what I found (click on pictures to make bigger):

I live alone. I have not heard anything break during the last few days. Nothing seems to have fallen from the top shelf to the middle shelf. My dishes are completely cooled before I put them in the cabinet. Naturally, I think I believe in glass-destroying ghosts now.

This afternoon and evening I went with the mentoring group to an NBA game in OKC. Hornets vs. Lakers. I was bored out of my mind for most of the evening. That is especially odd considering the fact that the game itself is action-packed and our seats were in the top tier nosebleed section appropriately named "Loud City." If you sit in the top section of the arena, they hand out "bam bams." Bam bams are two weiner-shaped baloon thingies you blow up and then hit together. When hit properly, the resulting "bam" noise it makes is deafening.

I just don't "get" sports. For reasons unknown, I put all sports (save golf) in the low-brow entertainment category. Of course I'm not saying that my hobbies or interests are high-brow or anyhting like that. Rather, I have a feeling my personal entertainment pursuits would be classified in the category "dorky." I want to like sports, I do. Then I could be like the average person. I just haven't figured out why people become so enraptured with something that, at the end of the day, matters very little in the world.


giselle said...

I believe in the ghost too.

Oh, and I too hate sports. Just don't get it. I feel like I should be watching the super bowl or something today... haha yeah right.

Amanda Z said...

Sometimes I think there isn't a kitchen in existence that doesn't have at least one cup from an Eskimo Joe's themed restaurant.