Sunday, February 05, 2006

Shower #2 of the year

Another baby shower, another chance to wallow in self-pity.

Technhically this was my first baby shower this year, but A's was so close to the new year that I'm totally counting it.

I met C while in college at NSU. She had her shower today at the ginormous, well decorated house of her sister-in-law who is, of course, under 30. My family can't be the only ones who decorate in things not from Pottery Barn, right?

I only knew one guest athe shower, Diana. And by know her, I mean I think I had a class or two with her in college and I have seen her at a few Pampered Chef/Tupperware parties since we graduated in 2003. Most of the people there were older relatives, probably 30 women total. Guess how many of these women were expecting? FOUR! At least that's how many were visibly pregnant. Had C's sister and younger cousins not been there, I would have been the only unmarried woman at this shower.

Worst of all was that they didn't the have yummy fattening buttercream frosting cake that is the reason I attend baby showers. Ok, I'm lying. I also feel obligated to go to showers for friends and I like seeing my friends all cute and pokey outy. The cakes the at C's shower were more like, I dunno, petit fours? Yummy, but definitely not the buttercream frosting for which I had hoped.

I survived. Over and done.

If/when I have a baby, we really can skip the shower part. Honestly. Have a cake delivered and mail me the gifts. On second thought, I may as well have a shower to pay forward the sick stomach feelings I am left with after attending one.


Amanda Z said...

No diaper cake this time?

Rachel said...

Since my first diaper cake, I decided that I will only do diaper cakes if I REALLY like the person and they've hinted that they want one. For me the non crafty, it was a bitch to make!

Since I waited until Friday to get C a gift, ended up going to the shorter of her two registries at Target, and she is well loved by many, I ended up having to get her a gift card. And then I forgot to purchase a real card. Oh well. She still has some money to put towards a rocker.

giselle said...

Ok I just laughed really hard so I had to tell you. I looked at the list of recent posts on the right side of your page and this one was titled "Shower #2 of the year". Now, I read it before, but I didn't make the connection right away. So I thought you were actually writing about your second shower in 2006. Which was funny as well as scary since it's February.


Rachel said...

That is funny. Fortunately, I bath myself every day, sometimes twice a day. The only exception would be if I have a high fever that makes my skin hurt or if I'm physically unable to get out of bed. Rare, but it happens.