Sunday, February 19, 2006

Shelby, the snow snob

Beauty Shop (2005) = 6.5/10. I'm a little embarrassed that I watched this and like it as much as I did. It was pretty funny, though.

Lucía y el sexo (Sex and Lucía) (2001) = 7/10. Remember that sweet nanny on Spanglish? Curious about what whole body looks like? Watch this and wonder no more. Added bonus includes full frontal male nudity. I basically felt like I was watching a complicated porn the whole time. I estimate probably 15 total minuties of nudity, which I didn't expect at all. I'm not sure why I didn't expect a lot of sex/nudity in a movie with the word sex in its name. I also have no idea how this got in my Netflix queue because it wasn't on my official to-see list. At any rate, it was a pretty original story that came together at the end and left me saying "hmm...that was different."

Smile (2005) = 8/10. They were probably going to call this movie "Bitchy Malibu Barbie Meets People Who Have Real Issues," but it didn't flow. Watch and you might inspired to give money to a very worthy cause and feel sorry for those less fortunate. Or in the very least you'll be thankful for what you have.

Oliver Twist (2005) = 3/10. I actually didn't know the classic Dickens story (shame, I know), so imagine my surprise when I expected this to be a musical. I really don't think I could have hacked it in this era. I'm pretty sure I would have mouthed off to the wrong person and ended up in a gutter left for dead.

Will someone please tell me how to make my dog do her business in the snow? Shelby gets out there and looks up at me like "Mommy, why are you torturing me like this?" It's essentially the same look when I give her a bath--ears flattended back to her head, neck bend down, sad eyes gazing up at me, body shaking. Sometimes she refuses to get in the snow and will instead huddle arond my feet. From the looks of my apartment lawn, other dogs aren't having issues maintaining their regularly scheduled business meetings. Thus, my dog must be a snob.

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giselle said...

Awww Shelby needs a litter box filled with a patch of grass.