Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Two unintended nudes in a day

I am fairly certain that there isn't an official calculated quantity for the number of times per year a person sees someone's nekkid human body unintended. Note the word unintended. Movies and babies/toddlers don't count. But think about often are you just going about your daily life and BAM! A full or partially nekkid body just appears? I feel my average is probably four times that of the average person, based on numbers I made up in my head.

Today alone these two instances happened:

A) A person I see on a regular basis told me that while she was in Las Vegas she bought 10 comfortable bras. She said they didn't have a lot of lace on it and...oh, I'll just show you. Up comes the shirt. Given my relationship to this person, it was really weird. Even though I didn't see the girls, it was still weird.

B) Tonight while I was taking Shelby peepeepoopoo, I saw yet another neighbor nekkid for a brief moment. This makes neighbor #4. 2nd floor neighbor (whom I don't know, thank God) was closing his window but was having a hard time doing so with the mini blinds fully closed. So, he reached around the blinds to pull the needed levers to close the windows. Said action moved the blinds in a fashion just far enough for me to see a majority of bush and a sliver of penis.

In other non-nekkid news:

*I had a wonderful V-day with Doug. It was low-key, much like we.

*My car insurance went down $177 per 6 months because I turned 25. That's a whole lot more Snickers bars I can buy! Or rather, that's slightly more than one car payment. That's where the extra will end up going, I suppose.

*I've decided that after purchasing three books and completing about 5 puzzles per day, I'm definitely a Su doko addict. Thanks, Giselle. No really. Thanks.


BKDotCom said...

If you didn't see boobie, how is that considered nude?
Mearly scantily clad, or in a state of undress.

Rachel said...

Although it's not technically nude, it was certainly more than I expected to see from someone I see every M-F 8:30-5:00. If you catch my drift.

giselle said...

Ok - so many comments!

First of all, every time you speak of seeing a neighbor naked, my heart speeds up because I know it's going to be me this time! *Phew* Another narrow escape.

Second of all, I agreed with bk that it's not nude when there's a bra, but then I read your response, and uh ew and weird and gross.

Third of all, I'm glad you're addicted to sudoku. Apparently doing your homework does pay off, even if you look all sad about it while other have fun doing puzzles. :D

Oh! And which neighbor??

Anonymous said...

I'm still not getting over the fact that you say things like, "peepeepoopoo." I guess I need to get over it...I'm finally signing up for the gym here at school. I'm excited about it. Oh, and yes, I'm finally getting the push thing this week. I hate that it has taken so long, but that's life sometimes.

Rachel said...

I don't understand why my saying things like peepeepoopoo causes anything that you need to "get over."

I say peepeepoopoo because, well, that's what I tell my dog we're going to do. She knows the difference between:

* Let's go outside (she runs to the door and sits quietly)
* Let's go peepeepoopoo (she walks to the door and sits)
* Let's go to bed (she'll run in the bedroom, regardless of the time of day)
* Let's go for a walk (exercise; she goes to the door, sits, and gets happier when I pull out the walking leash)

I think it's immensely cool that dogs are able to perceive the difference. But she's still a new thing to me and it doesn't take much to impress me.

Besides, saying things like peepeepoopoo causes you to slow down and process the information. If I said "take a shit," then it would be just common, unimaginative, and not in the words I use for my dog.