Sunday, March 19, 2006


Undiscovered (2005) = 0.5/10. This might possibly be the worst movie I've ever seen. I do like the name Brier, though. And there was a Bulldog that rode around on a skateboard. Cute trick. Still, VOID THIS MOVIE!!! Giselle gave it a -2 -1 for the first 1/2 of the movie she saw. We both fell asleep after that and I had to struggle through the last half by myself.

North and South: Book 1: Discs 1 & 2. Not rating it until I see the whole thing, but y'all know I love period pieces where the women wear poofy skirts. Huge bonus includes cheesy love scenes/lines. I've had this DVD in my possession since January 3rd from Blockbuster Online. There really is no excuse for me keeping it this long.

It's been a while since I've inquired about the meaning of a car tag. I present to you ASHRITA:

[picture taken 12-02-2005 going east on 51st, nearing Memorial Drive]

Possible meanings:

*The vehicle owner is a black woman named Rita who has dry skin?

* The vehicle owner is in the cremation business and Rita was the customer?

I got nuthin'.


giselle said...

Oh yeah. I forgot that I liked the name Brier and the dog was adorable. Ok, lets raise my -2 to a -1.

I think perhaps it just means the person is named Ashrita. Ashlee to Ashrita.. not really a far jump.

Ashrachel and Ashgiselle...

Rachel said...

If that's the case, Ashrita goes on my mental list of "I'm never going to name my child that."

giselle said...

Why did you cross out your blog?

giselle said...

Oh I forgot to ask - how did they movie end? Hot guy gets with 'hot' girl and they live happily ever after with record deals?

Rachel said...

I shall not reveal the ending on here in the event that some kid might want to watch this, but I'll email you.

I meant to only strike (that's cross out) your -2, but I ended up doing more.

Amanda Z said...

Maybe the owner's first name is Ashley and her middle name is Rita?

Doesn't N & S have Patrick Swayze in civil war era costumes? Fun times.

Rachel said...

It could very well be her first and middle name. I don't know why I didn't think of that before, especially given the MandiRe plate.

The Civil War era costumes in N&S = Fun times indeed.

Anonymous said...

Ashrita means someone who is protected by God. It is a Sanskrit name from India.

Rachel said...

Maybe so, but I like my interpretation better. I still think that if your license plate isn't able to be understood by at least 5 or so percent of the general population, it's not worth it.