Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Bent Cig

The Pacifier (2005) = 2/10. I have no idea what possessed me to put this on my to-see list. Vin needs to stick to his silent roles. That way we can all admire his buffness.

Just Friends (2005) = 3/10. This was so not funny.

Last week I was around two women who smoke. On the way out to smoke, "Suzette", notices one of her cigarettes is bent. She asks me to throw it away because I was closest to a trash can. Suzette then says "You just never know these days. I've heard stories of people being poisoned in a cigarette. And I just don't want to stick a cigarette in my mouth unless I know what's in it."

I laughed, thinking it was a joke. She was serious. I got the stare down.


BKDotCom said...

Moral of the story:
We don't like people poisoning the poision we're putting in our body?

Anonymous said...

I agree with bkdotcom. For many years people did not know what was added to their cigarretes to "cultivate" the adiction. I don't think we do have the complete list from the tobacco companies.

There is also something funny. There were listed 0 quip and complains,but I can see bkddotcom comment. A slight malfunction of the blog?

Rachel said...

I think my point of the story was just how silly she sounded saying that without realizing it. I have no idea why BK's comments don't show up and I don't receive notification until two days later. As far as I know, it's not my own doing.

giselle said...

Yeah your quips thing is always off. Weirdness.

That was really funny about the cancer-stick. Hahaha. Smoking is so icky.

Where's you review on Undiscovered? I give it a -2.

BKDotCom said...

Or, when we're trying to poison ourselves slowly, how dare someone try to speed up the process

Amanda Z said...

I fully agree that what she said was ironically funny-- but I think bkdotcom actually hit the nail on the head. No one wants to put shit they are unaware of in their body. Of course she KNOWS cigarettes are bad, she just doesn't want to die on her lunch break.