Monday, March 13, 2006

Mmm, fishy

Jackass: The Movie (2002) = 2/10. Just because I laughed all the way through doesn't mean it was good. But man, did I laugh! And no, this wasn't on my to-see list. It was something Doug wanted to watch.

My current food habit is the Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Swirl Bread. When I find something I enjoy, I want to share it with others. Unfortunately for my family, they are generally the ones I "force" to try out my kicks. This conversation that transpired this past Saturday will probably lead to the abrupt halt of my newly found food addiction:

Me: So when I come over [later today], you wanna try my super yummy new cinnamon bread?

Geoff (brother): [pauses] Ummm, do I have to?

Me: What?!?! Whaddayamean? Since when do you not like cinnamon?

Geoff: Oh, I thought you said salmon bread. Yeah, I'll try cinnamon bread.

Can you imagine salmon bread? Yeah. Well now everytime I try to eat cinnamon bread, I'll be thinking salmon bread. Thus, the bread will be ruined for me. So much for that guilty pleasure.


giselle said...

I wanna try cimanon bread!

giselle said...

More blogs! More blogs!! More blogs!!!