Saturday, March 11, 2006

No more tailgate parties for him

The Baxter (2005) = 8/10. Elliot is a perfect amalgam of serveral different boyfriends I have dated.'s that I have dated and then promptly dumped. Which would sorta make them baxters, right? Anyway, the movie rang too true with me, but I loved it.

Bringing Down the House (2003) = 2/10. Vortex of suck, but I always enjoy Eugene Levy. And I had to agree on something that both my brothers and me could enjoy.

Thursday Doug and I went to the library to drop off a crap exercise video (crap because I wanted just cardio and this was equally cardio and weights). Before Doug could turn left onto 93rd Street [map], a truck had to pass us. Said truck was going way too fast and was even doing some back and forth action, almost as if he were losing control. I'm sure he was just hot doggin it, though. I absolutely hate it when small-penised men feel the need to show off their crap vehicles by zooming down a street. That behavior always makes me roll my eyes. But this time, the best possible thing happened to this jerk: the entire tailgate fell completely off of the truck and onto the pavement. As an added bonus, the man realized it and stopped. Doug drove off, the two of us laughing. See, there is still some justice in the world. I'm very glad someone was there to share the moment with me because somehow the story doesn't seem as believable on bloper (i.e., blog paper--hey, I think I just made a new word).

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giselle said...

Congrats on the new word. If you use it enough it might make it into the next edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. :D

What exactly is the tailgate?