Sunday, March 26, 2006

Not my butt man

Mystery, Alaska (1999) = ?/10. Doug and I were so bored 30 minutes into this, we turned it off. Might I add that this was his Blockbuster choice. Not that my choices are any better.

Newlyweds: Seasons 2 & 3: Disc 3 (2004). Did anyone else hurl when Jessica (I think) said "Yeah, even when [Pappa Joe] was preachin' in the church, he's always said Elle Macpherson has a great butt?" Anyone? Glad I'm not the only one who found that a little disturbing.

At my office job, I'm usually the one who answers the phone. 95% of the time, I pass the call to one of the 4 other employees that work at the same location. As such, no one who calls really knows much about me. Friday, the following conversation took place. I still feel silly:

"Marie": I've got to test something out over here, so talk to me for a little while.

Me: Alrighty.

[a few minutes of uninteresting conversation pass]

Marie: So, are you still dating the same guy you were in December?

Me: Doug? Yes, I am.

Marie: How's that going?

Me: Actually, really really great.

Marie: Really? Nothing bad to say at all?

Me: Nope [pausing for a few seconds while she gasps] I know. That's a first for me.

Marie: Yeah wow. I'm so used to hearing "he's not nice, doesn't have a job, and is probaly a prescription drug addict" or "he's good, but I don't think he likes me at all" and my favorite of all Rachel was the time you told me "ya know...he's really nice, but such a moron, laughs like an animal, and I can't stand him." And then you dumped that guy the next day. It was almost amusing. [I rolled my eyes at that one] There's really nothing like that with Doug?

Me: I can honestly say I don't have any buts with this one.

Marie: [starts laughing] So, essentially what you're saying is this Doug is not a butt man, right?

Ugh! How am I supposed to respond to that at work? In any other situation, I would have whipped out one of the many stock quips I have. Instead, I resorted to playing dumb:

Me: That's right. He's just great.


giselle said...

Were those things she said quotes you'd said before or other people in general? If yours, I need to hear about these guys. We'll chat.

Rachel said...

Yup. All things I've said to her before. See what you miss by staying with one guy for 8 years? :) Keep in mind that those are guys I dated for more than a month. You'd be much more interested in my collection of date #1 stories. Date #1 stories that didn't result in a second date. And I'm really shocked at some of them because some were set-ups from my girlfriends I thought should know better.