Thursday, March 30, 2006

Point Blank Miss

Derailed (2005) = 6/10. Really predictable, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Into the Blue (2005) = 4/10. Why can't my body, specifically my butt, look (ooooh look, a peanut butter M&M!) like Jessica Alba's? This movie wasn't a complete waste because I learned a new word: klick.

Prime (2005) = 4/10. The premise sounded so good, but it the movie just wasn't.

Arrested Development: Season 1: Disc 1 (2003). Too many TV addictions too quickly. Doug and I are watching this together. We don't always agree on movie selections, but TV selections seem to mesh.

I did two dumbass things at work today:

* My 80% boss and I were in the storage room trying to figure out some stuff. Since I was going up to the front, he was going to throw me a key to take back with me. We're standing about 6 feet from each other. He throws the key. I miss. By about nine inches. He told me after my walk of shame that the look on my face compared to that of his dog who can't catch food in his mouth.

*In the afternoon, I sorted through a ginormous box full of comptuer, networking, and funky-looking wires. I decided to tie the wires together so they wouldn't get tangled up when someone needed to sort through them. So I walk into 80% boss's office and ask him if we had any zip strips or twisty ties. He looked at me and said no, smiling. Then I remembered another little invention that does pretty much the same thing: a rubber band. My IQ really isn't 5, I promise.

Do you ever feel guilty about your life going really well? I got that feeling today. I called a friend I haven't spoke to in 4 months on the way to my apartment.

Me: Hey R, how you doing?

R: Oh, same ol, same ol [or do you spell that same old, same old? whatever]. How are you?

Me: I can't complain, things are going really well with me. [I proceed for about a minute to tell her just how lovely my life is at the moment and turn back the question to her.]

R: My mom died last week.

See..that's when the guilt came. Here I am happily gloating and she's miserable. But my guilty feelings probably aren't healthy, are they?

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giselle said...

Uhm I think it's normal that you feel a little guilty. Her mom died. I'm surprised the she said same old, same old at first though. I think it would be weird if you didn't feel bad.