Monday, April 24, 2006

Discovering Sudoku

Newlyweds: The Final Season: Disc 1. I definitely think I'm on team Nick.

I like Sudoku as much as the next person. Ok, fine. I'm lying. I like Sudoku probably 30 times more than the average person (especially the new Killer ones--I can actually feel my brain juices crunch when I do those). But as much as I enjoy Sudoku, I was a bit surprised when I saw one at the bottom of my monthly Discover Card bill insert (click to make bigger):

This past Saturday, I went to Car Toys and got my windows tinted. When I got in the car, I noticed all of the junk I had from the back seat was now in the floor of the front passenger seat. Tonight, I went to my car searching for a CD case and I found that the big long mat for the back seat floor was turned completely upside down with the pokey grip thingies facing toward the ceiling. They weren't like this when Doug and I vacuumed out the car the previous week. Why would car tinting guys "need" to flip the mat over? Are they looking for some kind of hidden coke/doobie stash? Playing a joke on the next unsuspecting person entering the backseat without shoes? Playing a prank on one of the only females that go to that store? Being lazy guys?

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