Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not so pretty in pink

Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) = 3.5/10. Should have been named "Snooze with Dick and Jane."

Arrested Development: Season 2: Disc 3 (2004). Doug and I were watching the Meet the Veals episode. In it George Michael is thinking of getting pre-engaged to Ann. George Michael asked Lindsay where his dead mother's ring was. The narrator said it was on Lindsay's middle toe, roast beef. Doug didn't get it. So, I showed him "This Little Piggy" on his toes. Still nothing. How does one get to the age of 24.5 and never hear this or see this done on a child?

The Weather Man (2005) = 6/10. It seems like Nicolas Cage plays the same role in every film. Maybe it's just his voice and same expressions? Anyway, this was an ok movie that fit in with my current perception of upper class Americans. Just 'cuz you're rich doesn't mean you're happy. I think eventually I would have to explain to my daughter that being called a camel toe doesn't mean you're a tough person.

Friday evening, I was on the phone with my friend M who was in the middle of a small quarter-life crisis. I decided that since I was going to be on the phone a while, I may as well make use of my hands. That particular evening meant folding the whites that had been sitting in the laundry basket on my floor for two weeks.

I know, I know.

I picked up a hand towel and did a double-take at the pair of undies underneath. It looked...well, frankly, like a baby had used it in lieu of a diaper. My initial thoughts were "wait...I haven't had an accide...and these are clean...wait, did Shelby...but she's never done that in the world..."


Oh yeah. Doug accidentally left a bag of Cadbury Mini-Eggs (not sure if that's the real name) on the coffee table and Shelby got into them and apparently tried to hide one in the laundry basket.

Note to self: to ensure laundry freshness and minimize dog tampering, do the laundry as soon as it gets out of the dryer.


giselle said...

I was extremely uncomfortable during the period between when you found icky undies and when you explained what they were. Somewhat irrationally since if it were going to be a very personal, embarrassing story, you wouldn't have put it on here, and it's not like they were mine. Hehehehe.

BKDotCom said...

Reminds me of this

And do you really need to buy those? Just make your own! :)

Rachel said...

BK, I think purposefully "making" my own would:

A) be gross,
B) never stop smelling,
C) never stop grossing me out,
D) make people never want to visit me,
E) generally be regarded as a criteria for a mental disorder

For the record, though, the chocolate stain would have been on my hip. The stain was at the very top band of the undies.

giselle said...

Who's Ann?

Rachel said...

Who's Ann? HA!