Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thoughtful Food

Boat Trip (2003) = 3.5/10. Think of every gay joke you can in 90 minutes. Ta-da. The plot, mistakingly getting on a gay cruise, is amusing. The title screen of the DVD shocked me. It was three topless women laying on what is supposed to look like the deck of a boat. Just laying there and talking.

Clay Pigeons (1998) = 7.5/10. Cute to see Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix around my age. Thanks for the recommendation, BK.

This week, my realizations and lessons revolved around food:

* It seriously grosses me out when a person takes a bite of food and fails to close his or her lips tightly around the eating utensil. When the person pulls the eating utensil out of his mouth, the resulting mushy food left on the utensil is just plain icky. What churns my stomach is when the person then puts the utensil back into the food, slightly stirs it, and then offers me some. Unless you're Doug or family or a very close friend, no thanks!

* Either I'm a bad cook, can't follow directions, or Doug's a really good cook. He's made numerous things over here and when I secretly attempt to replicate the same meal 1-5 days later, the quality turns out to be 25% as good. But I don't really mind doing dishes. Hmm...this could work.

* The Fed Ex Ground carrier came into the office a few days ago while I had a big piece of chicken in my mouth. He comes into our building around the same time of day if there are packages to deliver on the floor. I almost always eat at my desk (yes, I'm aware of how germ-laiden that is) and always at the same time. When he came in he said, "It seems like every time I come in here, you're always eating." [which is A) rude B) weird because he only comes into my office once every month or so] I said, "Well, I guess that's why I'm not a size zero, huh?" [although it wasn't intended, I now realize that statement sounded like I was fishing for a compliment. I say similar things all of the time.] He then followed that up with a click of the tongue, followed by "no, you're hot, baby" while shaking and cocking his head. Just ick. This is my second incident with a parcel carrier. If it happens a third time, I'm going to go out on a limb and say those guys are perverts.

* I helped fix an almost friend's ("almost" because I don't know her well) flat tire Thursday. To thank Giselle and me, she took us to Elephant Bar where I had my first crème brûlée. The cracking sound was satisfying. The service, not so much.

* If I tell you that I don't want to eat something, please don't raise your voice at me and question why I don't want to eat it. And then try to make me feel guilty for not eating it. It's really childish of you. Did it ever occur to you that I don't like that really full feeling?


Anonymous said...

Well, the Elephant Bar advertises "Unforgettable Service", and that the staff is "empowered to solve problems on the spot". Did you actually have a problem?

Rachel said...

Our party of three was stuck in a corner behind a quasi-partition on the NE side of the restaurant. Which was fine. We sat there for LITERALLY 15 minutes before I finally got up and told the hostess that no one had come to take our drink order. The waiter just forgot that he had our table. It's understandable, but you would have thought someone else (e.g., other waiter or manager) walked around checking to see that everything was running smoothly. I know little to nothing about if they actually do that at restaurants, though. When the meals came out, Giselle actually had to ask for silverware. Our waiter ended up giving us our drinks for free. I think it would have been nice if my creme brulee (I only got dessert because I had already eaten) was also comped, but it was ok in the end.

giselle said...

The other two times I've been there I've always had good service, so I think it was a fluke. I like it there.

I still can't believe you forgot we were going out to eat and had dinner. :)

Rachel said...

You saw how I shop. Why would you expect anything different than me forgetting?