Friday, April 28, 2006

Umm, thanks? (5)

So, I'm in the bathroom Tuesday at work washing my hands when a woman who works in another office steps out of her stall and to the sinks. She had on very high heels and managed to pull a Rachel by tripping on a patch of air en route to the sink. Since I was the closest thing to her, she grabbed onto me for support. Specifically, she grabbed my upper arm. She happened to grasp my arm at the exact moment I was vigoriously rinsing off my hands. Thus, my arms were flexing and unflexing quickly. After she maintainted her composure and we made it past the awkward small talk, she said:

"Have your arms always been strong like that?"

"Well, I've been on a specific program for all of my body since January, but there has been at least some noticable tone since I started lifting weights back in early 2004. So, for as long as you have known me, yes."

"And see, all this time I just thought they were a bit porky."

"Umm, thanks."

And there ya have it, folks. The first unprovoked comment since I've started the Pushing. Not exactly all I had hoped for, but I'll take it.


giselle said...

Although I'm glad she didn't fall - ew. She touched you after going to the bathroom before washing her hands. Ew.

And I don't think you're porky. I think you look fine and always have. So pft on her.


Rachel said...

I think she specifically meant my arms looked fat. Funny thing is that this woman isn't exactly in a position to judge someone else's weight. You'd THINK that of all people she's at least have the sense not to make such a remark.

And thank you.

BKDotCom said...

Sounds like the Seinfeld ep where Jerry had Elaine purpously trip into Teri Hatcher to feel up her boobs.

Rachel said...

Now that's a Seinfeld episode I actually remember! I doubt that's the case because this woman is a little older. One would hope that the older the woman, the more mature they become. Yes, one would hope.