Monday, May 01, 2006

Say buh-bye to BBO

Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family (2005) = 8/10. An interesting glimpse into the lives of a "trinogamous" family over the course of eight years. Their relationship lasted longer than many marriages I've known.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 1: Disc 2 (2000). I will be laughing at the hilarity of "beloved Caunt" for years to come.

Asylum (2005) = 6/10. Among other things, I am not particularly good at filling in the blanks. Thus, I'm not entirely sure if all of this was happenstance or if Dr. Cleave set this up from the very beginning. At any rate, it's never a good idea to have an affair. With a guy in a mental institution. Who is only moderately attractive.

Dawson's Creek: Season 1: Disc 3 (1998). Teenage romance was so intense and drama-filled, wasn't it? Weren't you just sure you were going to marry your high school sweetie and live happily ever after? Oh wait, I forgot I live in Oklahoma, land of the "marry your high school sweetheart when you're 18-21 or you'll be doomed forever."

In her Shoes (2005). I just got this for the special features on the DVD. I already saw the movie before it was offifically out in theaters with my mommy back in September. Great little featurettes on this DVD, especially the "retirement community for active seniors" one.

Pretty obvious Doug was on a band trip, gone for the weekend, huh?

I officially ended my Blockbuster Online membership today. I started 10/24.2005 and rented a total of 43 movies. This includes the free month (which turned out to be 5 weeks because my biling got messed up) and the in-store coupons. That brought the average movie to a cost of $1.4118. Not too shabby. I stopped it because I already have a Netflix membership and oodles of in-store coupons and gift certificates from Discover Card cashback, E-rewards, MyPoints, and various survey-taking places. Furthermore, my official to-see movie list leaves me with onnly around 30 movies that would reliably be in the store to rent.

I finally decided to stop being a hypocrite and made myself an appointment today. Yes, you that have bugged me for years and years (if you have any idea how many years, please share. I can't remember when I first had issues) will be happy to know my hearing will be checked by an audiologist and ENT (if needed for further tests/procedures) on the 22nd of this month. Let's see, judging by this list, I experience the first three symptoms and the occasional ringing, buzzing, hissing. I also watch movies with subtitles on and freak out (Giselle will attest) when they're not available and I can't find the TV remote to turn on captions. Oy! This isn't looking good. But hearing aids are sexy, right?


giselle said...

Aww. Well I'm sure that you're fine, but it's always better to have it checked out. :)

I watch tv with captions too - does that mean I should make an appt too?? My cellphone is always on the highest volume and I can barely hear people. Perhaps I can sue Cingular? Sony Ericsson?

Rachel said...

Yeah, but you can probably hear the "rustling leaves" and "birds chirping" whereas I sit there and go "really, who knew?" and others tell me they hear them. We'll see.

Give cell phones about 7 more years to be perfected. Then sue.