Sunday, September 25, 2005

Not a doily, please

In Her Shoes = 9/10. Sneak previews are good things. I'm glad I caught this one in the newspaper. I read the book in spring of 2004, so there were some details I couldn't remember for comparison. The only part they seemed to leave out was when Maggie "attended" to Princeton and learned to read/understand poetry. Other than that, the movie followed the book. As expected, I fell in love with Mrs. Lefkowitz and Simon. Cameron Diaz plays this role very well, but in my opinion, Toni Collette was not nearly large enough to play Rose. Apparently, Toni Collette even gained weight for this role. Look close and you can see Jennifer Weiner walking behind Rose and Maggie near the beginning when they're outside. I now have a strong desire to visit Philadelphia.

El Crimen del padre Amaro (The Crime of Padre Amaro) = 7/10. This movie really should be called "Priest Gone Bad. Very bad." He, of course, doesn't really have to face with the mess he caused, except inside himself. And that's not really the same.

Things have been quite calm in my life the last week (Actually, things have been pretty calm since I moved back to Tulsa.) The only thing of importance I have is that I convinced my mother that a doily might not be the most fashionable thing to put on her new coffee table. I don't know what does belong on the coffee table, but a doily ain't it. A candlescape, maybe? She doesn't want to put coasters on it because apparently that would encourage my brothers to bring drinks into the living room. I don't know what would be so horrible if it was left bare.


Amanda Z said...

They make special art books to go on coffee tables. They're called Coffee Table Books. Hehehehehehe I'm so clever.

Failing that, I'm with you on the candles. Aaron's mom has a giant flower arrangement in a basket that takes up 2/3 of the table surface. The Christmas one is even bigger-- you have to MOVE it to watch TV unobstructed.

Rachel said...

An art book would be totally out of place at my parents' house. Unfortunately, this book is one that they own and would consider putting on a coffee table. Yikes!