Saturday, April 08, 2006

Your crack saver

How High (2001) = 1.5/10. Maybe I would enjoy drug movies if I prior drug use experience. The only good thing about this movie was a special feature called "hide the stash" where you have to find the stash in the DVD somewhere.

Arrested Development: Season 1: Disc 3 (2003). You definitely have to watch this series sequentially.

Arrested Development: Season 2: Disc 1 (2004). Oh man, Doug and I laughed SO hard on the episode called "Good Grief!" Without the two of us, we wouldn't have got esoteric Charlie Brown joke. The episode feature a song from Charlie Brown (not the theme, not sure of the name) about 5 times. During the first time they play the song, you see George Michael walking and behind him is a huge red doghouse with a beagle snoozing on top. I wouldn't have recognized the song (after all, I'm not the one with a 1.5 degrees in music) and he didn't notice the HUGE red doghouse with a DOG on top. HA!

I tried some Coca-Cola BlaK tonight. Courtesy of Doug buying a mandatory four-pack only to find out he thinks it "tastes like crap." It's not horrible to me, but it is definitely something that makes me a waxed eyebrow. The weird part is that I took a survey about this stuff around 6 months ago without knowing it was Coca-Cola. Just a carbonated coffee beverage. Being the survey freak that I am, it's always interesting to see products come to market that I knew about before they hit the shelves.

Thursday evening, Doug graciously agreed to attend the 1st annual mentor appreciation night with me. I say graciously because meeting new people and being "forced" to play getting to know you games with strangers isn't exactly his cup of tea. About 10 minutes before it was time to leave, I was acting silly/playful/immature on the loveseat. I ended up slinking off of the loveseat and onto the floor, arms akimbo and legs into a pike position. Writing it down makes it sound dirrty, but it really wasn't. Anyway, I'm down there for about two seconds when Doug says, " have a hole in your butt."

[No! Really? Don't we all have a hole in our butt. Actually he said something more along the lines of "you have a hole in your pants" but that's just not as funny as "hole in your butt," is it?]

Me: Nu-uhhhh. Seriously?

Doug: Yes, seriously.

Sure enough, there was an inch long rip down the butt seam on my favorite slacks. I wonder if any of my co-workers noticed and failed to tell me. Or worse, other people in the building.

Thus, Doug is a crack saver. Saving the public from Rachel's exposed butt crack. You'll thank him.

Now I need more gray slacks. Or beg my mommy to fix these. Probably both.

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giselle said...

I told you that you have to watch AD more than once to get all the jokes. I love the charlie brown episode. Just you wait till you meet Franklin.

Let's assume that the hole in your pants happened when you fell. :D

Apparently the extremly scary tornado warning did not affect you as much as it did me because you didn't even mention it happening that same day. I was shaking while sitting on the side of the tub.