Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Psycho ex?

Arrested Development: Season 2: Disc 2. It just keeps getting better. I had three coupons I needed to use up, so Doug and me went to three different Blockbusters to gather the entire second season of this series. This particular disc came from the 81st & Sheridan location. It was still a 2 day rental there, even though it was not on the new release wall and has been out since October 11, 2005. That's six months ago. At the other two stores, the discs were all week-long rentals. Seems silly to me.

Rent = 6/10. I [Seasons of] love the music. The story, not so much.

One of the features I enjoy on Yahoo Messenger (as opposed to AIM) is that it alerts you when you are added to someone else's buddy list. In my case, the person adding me is usually some random person from India that I don't know. Imagine my surprise when I got home from work today, turned on my Gaim and this popped up on the screen (click picture to make bigger):

Your gold star cookie question of the day: Why, oh why, is Mike (click here, here, here, and here for past references) adding me to his buddy list 3 ½ years after I broke up with him?

My interpretations:

A) Yahoo did it automatically,

B) I am completely unforgettable.

Although the ego part of me would like to think it's B, something seems very very wrong if that is indeed the correct interpretation. Maybe it's time for me to find a new apartment.


giselle said...

Noooooo don't move!!!

Speaking of stalkers..

One day, when I was living in the dorm, we woke up to find a bouquet of flowers sitting in our common room. They were addressed to Jen from Dude. My roommate's name was Jen but she realized they weren't meant for her, so we went around the dorm looking for another "Jen" on a star on a window. (They put our names on starts and taped them to the windows). Well we found the right Jen and she freaked out because Dude had been stalking her for two years and she had moved three times to try and lose him.

It was kind of unsettling to think that he managed to get into our dorm (you needed a special key) and then into our suite (our stupid roommate probably left the door unlocked). I'm glad he wasn't feeling psycho that day and didn't try to murder us all in our beds.


Rachel said...

See...that's why I always lock my door.

Anonymous said...

Possibly he already had you on another buddy list and just imported it or combined his buddy lists into some kind of Trillian-style program.

Or else he just wants to make himself feel like he has LOTS of buddies.

On another note, your desktop is a mess.

Rachel said...

I know, I know. I've been meaning to clean it up since forever. In my defense, my work comptuer looks better than anyone else's.