Sunday, July 24, 2005

Was it a redneck wedding?

Bride & Prejudice = 8.5/10. What a happy, colorful Bollywood take on Pride & Prejudice. This really isn't a movie for guys unless they enjoy song & dance, though. Well, guys might enjoy seeing the main character, who's extremely pretty. Also included in this film is a man who laughs like a donkey. Amazingly, the laugh sounds very similar to an ex of mine. I called it his "hee haw laugh." But enough about Mr. Are-you-sure-we-have-no-chance-together? because I'll-totally-break-up-with-Jill.

I would give just about anything for someone to rub aloe vera on my sunburn that I got at Big Splash yesterday., not anything and not by anyone. But it does still hurt.

My cousin Shannon got married Saturday in South Carolina and I'm anxiously awaiting news of how redneck the wedding and reception was. Or wasn't.

My dad didn't keep me totally in the dark, though as I did receive two text messages from him. One telling me that "it was hot enough to melt lead at the wedding. When you have yours please have it at a cooler time and place." Well, I'm not planning on ever getting married in South Carolina, so...done! Time, place, and season are also negotiable.

He said that he saw a bumper sticker that said: "The guns may be silent, but the south will never die."

Somebody please help me! I read that message and now I can't get my eyes back in the correct position. They're rolled back into my head!!! But seriously, I wonder how many people read that bumper sticker in the native south (not sure exactly what state he saw this in) and think "heck yeah, brother." Oklahoma definitely has race/color issues, but at least we're a tiny bit more quiet about them.


Anonymous said...

Rolling your eyes back into your head may be dangerous to your health. Try just closing them.

I am not sure the message is about racism. There were no sport teams to cheer for back then. People at that time belonged to groups that had their loyalty (and they were willing to die for). When the Civil war ended, some people felt betrayed and still wanted to fight on. However, hard feelings on a war that ended almost 150 years ago may be dangerous.

Rachel said...

I'll almost guarantee that it's an anti-black statement. 150 years later, why else would someone be bitter that they lost the Civil War? State's rights? Suuure...

Betcha $1000 that the bumper sticker is on a male's vehicle, $500 the guy is white, $250 the vehicle is a truck (probably even a dually), $250 his IQ is <110, $100 he is missing at least one incisor, $50 he hadn't bathed in the last two days, and $25 his wife is pregnant.

OK, I'm being mean here. But seriously, tell me what a specific "logical explantion" this bumper sticker could mean. If it was just to say "hey there, the south is different" that's usually indicated by Confederate flag bumper stickers. And I have my doubts that the reason most of those people hang those is to indicate that the south is different.

ET said...

The people, and I use the term loosely, of the South seem to have some odd fixation on the fact that the South LOST. Period. And now they have to run their own damn plantations. Notice that they don't, by the way.

The bumper sticker could just be some misplaced Southern ignorance or puffery, but the Confederate Flag is a raging symbol of racism. And redneck-ism. And, while I believe all of your other gambling statements to be right on, I don't think a true Southern boy could afford a dually.