Monday, July 25, 2005

Preparation H for Fido

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion = 6.5/10. Woody Allen films have amused me thus far. This is only my third one, though. Let's see...I've seen Anything Else and Everyone Says I Love You. Apparently these aren't his "best" films. And since Woody Allen stars in all of his films I have ot remember that when I watch not to think about the fact that he gets it on with his adoptive daughter. Or something. I can't remember how that story goes.

Despite what some of you apparently think, I have zero knowlege on some specific issues. Especially when they are about dogs. Don't forget-Shelby's the first pet I have ever had. Keeping that in mind, here was my "Question of the week" a few months ago:

"Rachel, can you look and tell me if it looks like my dog has hemorrhoids?"


Hemorrhoids? How in the world would I know? Can dogs even get those? Eh, I suppose it makes sense, but I'm honestly not sure I could even diagnose hemorrhoids in a human. I can tell you, however, that his/her dog's butt is far less pleasing to the eye than my dog' far as those things go. Ahem.

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E-Rock said...

You're going the wrong direction. With the Woody Allen movies, you should work your way backwards. You'll be happy you did! (Just make sure you skip Shadows & Fog and Alice)