Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shake that thong thong thong thong thong

Man, I still love that song. Anyway...

Now I'm not so excited about that Jessica Simpson dress from last week. From the back, it was fab. From the front...well, I could NEVER pull it off seeing as my boobs just won't do that. Unless somoene wants to buy me some boobs. And if I could never wear it, then a part of me thinks I shouldn't like it as much.

I also take back what I said about Johnny Depp last week. I didn't realize what a loser jerk he is. That means that I have some open respect just waiting to be transferred to someone. Probably the next person that does something really nice for me.

I belong to a couple of Yahoo groups. Yahoo groups are basically message boards that revolve around a given subject (e.g., hobbies, etc). One of the groups I subscribe to is devoted to Minature Pinschers. I signed up for mainly so that I could receive pictures of other min pins. I just have to make sure my Shelby is cuter than the other dogs, ya know. Anywho, this one chick sent a surge of pictures of her two "babies" (that's her word, NOT mine) wearing various clothing items from Target and other places. Fine. A few days later she sends a picture of her "baby" wearing, I kid you not, a string of pearls with a gold pendant made especially for dogs. I'm a little less ok on this one, but fine. The next photo, however, I'm not fine with:

It's a pair of thongs for dogs, people! They are not intended to be used for when the dog is in heat, either. If you feel the need to dress up your doggy, fine. If you feel the need to dress up your doggie in jewelry, I'm going to think you're a little TOO into your dog, but I'm still not going to say much. But...IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO DRESS UP YOUR DOGGIE IN THONGS...I'm going to think you're into getting it ON with you dog. Period.

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ET said...

Rachel, I will lend you my boobs if you want to wear that dress. I can give Jessica a run for her money in THAT department any day.

And I buy a LOT of stuff for my doggies, but they have NO THONGS! The closest they have to jewelry is Coach collars with little dangly "Coach" enamel tags (and Molly's has little enameled daisies every few inches on the collar itself). Yikes.