Thursday, May 25, 2006

All Clear

The Producers (2005) = 7/10. FINALLY! This is the first movie in which I LOVED Will Ferrell's performance. Did you notice one of the posters hanging up inside the office was for a play (presumably) called "The Breaking Wind?" Subtle humor. I had never seen original The Producers nor saw the play, but my first impression is that it is cleverly written and filled to the brim with humor.

Breakin' All the Rules (2004) = 3/10. Jamie Foxx and Morris Chestnut are two fine specimens of men. Otherwise, skip this one.

Something New (2006) = 4/10. Snooze... even at 1.5x speed.

Have you noticed how I've been rating movies low lately? I can attribute this to hitting an unexpected dip in the good movie road, becoming more mature and sophisticated in my movie tastes, or nearing the end of the available to rent movies on my official to-see movie list. I like the last one.
At the top of the "Rachel's traumatic doctor experences she had as a child" include:

1) I ate a bottle Flintstones vitamins when I was 4 or 5 and was taken to the minor emergency center (now defunct) in my hometown. They did some bloodwork to test for...I dunno...blood toxicity levels or something. Instead of using adult needles/blood-getting methods, they had this device that looked like a stapler. Or at least that's how I remember it looking. It would CLANK CLANK on your fingertip and then they sucked the blood up through one of those pipet-looking devices. I just remember sitting there on the table sobbing as they CLANKED the stapler down on my fingers to try to get blood. I'm quite certain I was being uncooperative. Thankfully, I did not go on to develop a fear of needles.

2) I had ear infections when I was a kid. I'm not sure if I had more than the average kid, but I remember having more than four. Once when I went to the doctor because I had an ear, the doctor took out the ear-looking device, peeked in, and said that she couldn't see my eardrum because there was a big glob of wax in the way. She had to get it out, she said. Okie-dokie. Let me assure you--it hurt like a mutha. I think it has something to do with the wax getting wedged in overly sensitive skin and then essentially ripping it out.

So there I sat this Monday on Dr. John Mowry's (otolaryngologist) chair. After reviewing my within normal hearing test results performed by the audiologist, he said "let's take a quick peek inside your ears." A few moments later it was "you have a bit of wax we need to take out."

I said, "Oh....oh boy. I remember that being...not a plesant experience as a child." My palms were already sweating and my butt cheeks clenched the instant he said wax.

He gave me what I can assume is his famous slightly sheepish grin over his specialized glasses as if to say, "Honey, you don't know who you're dealing with."

Absolutely nothing. The man now joins my growing list of heros. He got me over what was apparently an unfounded fear.

Another moment brought to you by private (no, not PPO or HMO) health insurance. It's so nice to be able to pick up the phone and know that any doctor I choose will be available for me.


giselle said...

I saw the touring show of The Producers and it was really really good. :D

Glad your hearing's ok. And that your ear wax cleaning experience was better than the last time.

bkdotcom said...

Spamalot is coming to Tulsa next year

ET said...

We missed Spamalot when we were in NYC, and LT wants to see it. Hmm.

Do you want to sue the doc for sexual harrassment? (Calling you "honey") If so, don't call me...I am DONE with law!!!!!!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!

Rachel said...

Dr. Mowry didn't actually call me honey. Hence the "AS IF to say..." :)

And as long as I still tell people "my friend ET who's a lawyer" you'll still be not done with law.